Product Features

• Proven performance gains for Stage 2 power levels

• 76mm (3 inch) tubing replaces restrictive 60mm factory tubing

• Bolt on fitment - no hassle or poorly fitting parts when you choose IE

• Constructed of 304 stainless long-lasting and high-quality material

• Thick turbo flange - prevents leaks and warping

• High flow 200 cell catalytic converter - full power with reduced pollution and smell

• Metal matrix catalytic structure -

• OEM style flex section - allows for more adjustment and won’t fail

• All inclusive kit - downpipe, midpipes, all hardware

• TIG welded construction - equates to long lasting welds that are less likely to fail

• Install instructions - available by CLICKING HERE

IE MQB VW MK7, Mk7.5 Golf R & Audi A3, S3, TT, TTS Performance Cast Downpipe (AWD)

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The IE Catted Cast Downpipe for MQB incorporates the best of all worlds. Cast bend sections enable the highest flow and best fitment possible. Impressive performance gains will be realized when used with an IE stage 2 ECU tune. Lastly, the aggressive sound from an unrestricted exhaust system is guaranteed to be music to your ears.

Product Summary


When upgrading your MK7 / MK7.5 or S3 to stage 2 software you will also need to reduce the back pressure caused by the small diameter stock pipe. With the exhaust system flowing better performance gains for Stage 2 power levels can be achieved. Turbo lag should also be reduced as an added benefit.

IE engineers guarantee a perfect fit by designing all IE downpipes in-house using the latest technology. Digital scanning is using to scan the entire environment which ensures that there is proper clearance and that all mounting points are in the correct location. Manufactured from 304 stainless offers a life-long product that brings performance and fun to the table for years to come.



The most power gains will be achieved when the IE Downpipe is paired with IE matching software, air intake, and FDS intercooler.  



An aggressive and drone-free sound will be emitted from the IE Cast Downpipe. This should be music to your ears! Thick wall tubing and cast sections remove much of “tinny” sound emitted by cheaper, thin wall, downpipes. With downpipes, you get what you pay for in terms of sounds and overall manufacturing quality.



IE’s performance downpipe includes a high-flow 200 cell per inch metal matrix catalyst located as close to the turbo as possible. Metal matrix catalysts are higher performance because the matrix web is thinner, allowing higher flow in the same size. Our catalyst is also a very large diameter, allowing a large flow area and maximum power. By being placed close to the turbo, emissions and unwanted unpleasant smells are greatly reduced.



The IE downpipe replaces over 6 feet of restrictive factory exhaust tubing, all the way back to the OE “Cat-Back” rear section. Sturdy fabricated mounts and precise engineering result in a rattle free and long last replacement exhaust system. 3D scanning systems were employed to ensure perfect placement both in pre and post-production phases.



Installation should be completed by a professional and preferably on an auto lift. CLICK HERE to view and download the install guide.

*This product is not CARB certified and thus is not available for purchase in the state of California.




  • Audi - S3 MK3/8V 2.0T engine
  • Audi - A3 MK3/8V 1.8T & 2.0T engines (AWD/Quattro only)*
  • Audi - TT MK3/8S 2.0T engine (AWD/Quattro only)*
  • Audi - TTS MK3/8S 2.0T engine
  • VW - Golf R MK7 2.0T engine
  • VW - Golf R MK7.5 2.0T Engine
  • VW - Alltrak MK7 1.8T & 2.0T engines (AWD/4 Motion only)*
  • VW - Tiguan MK2/5Na 1.8T & 2.0T engines (AWD/4 Motion only)*

*This downpipe system includes a mid pipe that is specially designed to fit Gen 3 2.0T engines in all-wheel drive (AWD), Quattro, or 4 Motion vehicles only. Front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles require a different mid pipe section included in our FWD MQB downpipe kit IE Part Number: IEEXCI3. Please verify if your vehicle is AWD or FWD before ordering. 

Additional hardware


Installing a downpipe to your Gen 3 1.8T or 2.0T vehicle requires a matching stage 2 ECU tune to operate properly. 

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IE downpipe
I was a little nervous ordering this without reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality when I received it. The casting, welds, and tubing look like something off of a $1200 system. The install was just as the install guide decribed, no fitment issues or leaks. I have the stock cat back and the tone is very smooth and slightly louder. Sounds great with the windows down at full tilt, with the windows up while cruising on the highway it sounds stock.
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