Product Features

• Gain of 15-20 horsepower and torque

• Massive 5 inch diameter air filter

• High-flow velocity stack

• Delivers cold air to your supercharger

• Cleans up any engine bay

• Perfect fitment by utilizing factory airbox mounts

• Black powder coated velocity stack and heat shield

• Durable 3-ply silicone coupler

• Heat shielding for extra protection against heat

IE Audi B8 & B8.5 S4 & S5 Cold Air Intake

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The IE Audi B8/B8.5 S4 & S5 3.0T Cold Air Intake is the perfect addition to any engine bay. Give your Audi added horsepower, torque, snappier throttle response, and an aggressive supercharger sound. Typical peak gains from our CAI are roughly 15-20 Horsepower and Torque.

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Product Summary


The ram air design, velocity stack, and massive 5 inch filter inlet help deliver the most HP possible from a cold intake system.

  • Expect peak gains of 15-20+HP/TQ on tuned engines. 




  • IE velocity stack & heatshield assembly
  • IE silicone Supercharger inlet pipe assembly
  • IE 5” inlet performance air filter
  • IE secondary air injeciton system filter assembly
  • All necessary hardware (clamps, nuts, bolts, etc)




IE engineers set out to produce the highest performing cold air intake that looks great and fits like a factory installed part in your S4. The latest in computer design and 3D scanning technology were employed during the development process for a perfect fit and maximum performance. The final product resulted in the greatest performing and best-looking intake available.



This Intake delivers an impressive flow increase to feed your supercharger and engine. More cold air flow means more power; especially during the hot summer months. Ditch your stock restrictive airbox for the IE intake System.



Delivering cold air to your engine is a must for making power. The velocity stack efficiently channels air as quickly as possible into the intake system. The velocity also functions as a solid mount for the air filter which means no intake pipes rattling on heat shields.



IE uses a multi-piece heat shield which performs and looks great. It effectively channels cold air from the front of the car to the massive performance filter. Furthermore, it eliminates the induction of hot air found in other locations of the engine bay further protecting against power robbing heat off the exhaust and supercharger.



This Intake fits B8 & B8.5 Audi S4 3.0T engines without any modification or installation hassles. The install process is simple and can be done quickly with basic tools. The fact that IE intake utilizes the factory airbox mounts ensures a perfect and hassle free fit. Additionally, the stock mounts allow for engine movement which keeps intake components from getting damaged.  



Wrinkle black powder coated velocity stack and heat shields result in a sleek and sporty appearance in any engine bay. As a final touch, all IE heat shields are finished with a classy, laser etched, stainless steel IE logo badge.




Installation is quick and easy install with basic tools. The process should take around an hour for most enthusiasts. CLICK HERE to view and download the IE B8 S4 Cold Air Intake Install Guide.

Power charts


The following power result data was collected on our in-house Dynapack hub dyno. Dyno chart is as tested at 4500 feet altitude with SAE corrected numbers. Before and after results are direct back-to-back comparisons on a full bolt-on stage 2 B8 S4 3.0T engine. The only change made to the vehicle between testing is the swap from a stock intake with a new clean air filter to the IE Cold Air Intake Kit. Dyno power results are approximate and may vary from car to car. 



B8 S4 CAI Dyno Chart



  • Audi - S4 2009-2015 (B8-B8.5) 3.0T
  • Audi - S5 2009-2015 (B8-B8.5) 3.0T
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I installed my IE intake last weekend and couldn't be happier. The installation instructions were very easy to follow, so the entire installation took just over half an hour. The sound is very subtle and barely noticeable when cruising, but when you step on it this thing really opens up and lets that supercharger whine! It sounds amazing.
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Fast install, clean look, improved performance (and sound)
Bought a kit 2nd hand and installed it within an hour. It looks really clean and I feel a bit quicker throttle response. The sound iof the S/C is exactly what I expected; not to loud.
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First time purchasing anything from Integrated Engineering. The reason I chose to go with IE was due to a lot of positive feedback from other shoppers, everything that was said is true! Amazing customer service, very quick at responding and very detailed. Shipping was on time, package arrived sooner than I expected. Everything was packaged nicely. Quality of the intake and key components are top notch, second to none! Loving the supercharger whine on my B8.5 S4. I would highly recommend IE to anyone with VW/Audi!
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IE Intake Review B8 S4
Love it!!!!!!!!! I can finally hear the supercharger whine (:
Best intake design in the market. Thanks IE!
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Great product
Kit was well designed, install was clean, look is awesome, sound is great. Not to mention a few extra hp. Overall very pleased.
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Good quality
Installed on my 2013 Audi S5 straight forward install, looks great and sounds awesome.
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The Best on the Market
I absolutely love my IE intake. This was my first real mod on my B8.5 S4, and I really can't say enough good things about it. I have a bunch of S4 friends with different intakes from different companies, and I have to say that IE's has THE BEST fit and finish out of all of them. Gone are the days of a floppy hose sticking into the hole where the airbox used to be. This intake has a heat shield that holds the filter in a fixed location, while also blocking it off from the rest of the engine bay.

Oh. And it sounds FANTASTIC.
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High Quality!
I was extremely impressed with the quality of the intake and the overall packaging presented by IE. The intake was very straight forward to install and produces great supplementary sounds to the engine but nothing that is overbearing. Very pleased customer!
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High end quality
This is a really high end looking CAI and I would recommend this to anyone with an S4 or S5 looks really clean under the hood and sounds amazing not to loud but when you get on it people will turn and look at you because it sounds so good!! Also this customer service is amazing so happy I found this company!! Thanks so much Tyler, Ellie, and Damon!!!
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Great fit and finish.
I decided on this CAI for my B8 S5 3.0T due to the fit and finish of the kit that I seen online and once received, the quality of product felt very great. The pdf instructions are clear and easy to follow with pictures if needed and the packaging of the hardware is well separated and organized. Installation was quick and simple, I was able to remove the existing and install the new CAI in 15 min at the parking lot of the post office where I picked it up. While driving the sound from the supercharger was more apparent as expect but moderate. Overall excellent product with great fit and finish.
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Perfect Intake
Honestly just overall perfect. Looks mean sounds mean when you want it to. It isnt as loud as a roc euro or cts and isnt a quiet as an awe contained intake. This is the happy medium of cold air intakes. Made my stock exhaust a little louder, increased throttle response and makes the engine a little bit louder under the hood as well. Really sounds great in automanual.
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Audi B8/8.5 CAI
This cai is well worth the money. Highly recommended! It's very well engineered and fitmit was excellent. Something I can't say for the two other cai's I bought for this car. This was installed on a 2015 S5 so it will also fit the S5.

As far as performance gains go, well it's a cai and I won't claim any.. It does add a nice auditable sound to the S/C without being outrageously loud.
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Sounds great and performs even better!
I picked this up a couple weeks and have gotten some time driving the car. It sounds great without being overwhelming. Throttle response picked up enough to notice. Installation was straightforward and fit and finish was great. It looked like it came installed on the car from the factory. The only hiccup with installation was the SAI air line, but lubricating the O-ring solves that easily.
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