Integrated Engineering IE450T Big Turbo Kit for MK6 Golf R (Left Hand Drive)

Integrated Engineering IE450T Big Turbo Kit for MK6 Golf R (Left Hand Drive)


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MK6 Golf R Twin-Scroll Big Turbo Kit

Reliable street ready 500HP+

ie mk6 gti big turbo kit

As it hit the drawing board, the idea was simple: develop a turbo kit for the MKVI Golf R which not only significantly increases the power output of the vehicle, but also greatly enhances the driving experience. Car enthusiasts, including us here at Integrated Engineering, are often apprehensive when it comes to big turbo upgrades, as larger turbos carry a reputation of increasing turbo lag. We wanted to offer a kit that would increase the power without making the car lose its amazing street-friendly daily drivability. Fast forward through over two years of development… and we are pleased to announce the Integrated Engineering 450T EFR turbo kit for MK6 Golf R.

Quick Feature List

  • Massive power increase capable of over 500HP
  • Quick low-RPM turbo spool delivers fast boost with no turbo lag
  • Huge powerband accelerates all the way to redline
  • Complete bolt-on turbo kit including software
  • Supercar acceleration with built in launch control and no-lift-shifting
  • Leading quality kit components for uncompromised reliability
  • Engineered around the twin-scroll Borg Warner EFR6758 turbocharger
  • Most advanced and fastest available turbocharger system for the MK6 Golf R  

Detailed Turbo Kit Features

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twin scroll turbo

Dyno Results

The IE 450T MK6 Golf R kit is a complete turbo upgrade system based on a twin-scroll BorgWarner EFR 6758 turbocharger, which offers larger power gains than other kits on the market, while offering faster spool time. Included with the kit is everything needed to upgrade, including hardware and software. In bolt-on form, the kit will increase horsepower to roughly 450bhp on stock engine internals, with the capability of over 500bhp if a built engine is utilized.


mk6 golf r big turbo

Required Additional Modifications










To support the added horsepower of the IE450T MK6 Golf R turbo kit, an upgraded high pressure fuel pump is required. The IE HPFP works effectively to increase the output of the high pressure fuel system, by using a piston and cylinder that offers 50% more displacement than the factory unit.




IE FDS Intercooler 


To support the massively increased boost pressure and flow rates of the IE450T kit, a quality performance intercooler is required. The addition of the unique FDS system and largest core volume results in keeping your air intake temperatures as low as possible.




Catback Exhaust System 


We have designed our turbo kit to mate with the IE midpipe, which is a direct fit for the Milltek cat-back exhaust system. Milltek is Integrated Engineering's exhaust system of choice for the MK6 Golf R, offering the best fitment and sound for your vehicle. Both the resonated and non-resonated versions are available from IE, please call for details. 




IE450T High-FLow Cat Midpipe 


A midpipe is required in order to connect the IE450T downpipe to the cat-back. The IE 3 inch stainless steel midpipe mates to the IE450T downpipe and the catback with a v-band clamp. A high-flow cat is also included, allowing high flow without failing emissions testing. IE recommends using a Milltek cat-back system with the IE450T turbo kit and midpipe; fitment of other exhaust brands have not been confirmed. 




IE450T Cold Air Intake Kit 


The IE450T cold air intake is a direct fit that easily plumbs your intake to the oversize MAF housing. This intake is perfectly calibrated to IE450T turbo kit software. Consistent MAF readings delivered by using the IE450T cold air intake will ensure that your turbo kit performs to its full potential. 





IE TrueFIT Dogbone Insert


Due to the massive power increase of the IE450T kit, an IE TruFIT dogbone insert is highly recommended to keep wheel hop and excessive drivtrain movement under control during heavy acceleration of the IE450T turbocharger system.





How does this kit compare to others on the market?
The IE450T kit has proven to be the best performing kit on the market, offering both the fastest spool time and the highest power output. Along with that, we utilize a genuine BorgWarner EFR turbocharger, which have proven to be much more reliable than others available. Not even the finest detail was overlooked in the development in our kit, making it the most plug-and-play, reliable kit your money can buy.

Will this turbo kit fit my car?
This turbo kit was designed to fit left hand drive, 2012-2013 MK6 Golf R applications, with the belt-drive FSI engines only.

Does this kit include everything needed to install?
The IE450T kit is an all-inclusive turbo kit, including all parts necessary for installation. However, several supporting modifications are required, which we sell separately. Along with the turbo kit, you will need an IE FDS intercooler, IE HPFP, IE450T cold air intake kit, Milltek cat-back exhaust system, and IE midpipe. These parts are sold separately, as many people already have these installed on their vehicle.

Will I need to upgrade engine internals for this kit?
In base form, the IE450T kit is designed to work with a completely stock engine. For the 100 octane software tune, a built bottom and valve springs are needed at the minimum.

Does this kit fit RHD models, or just LHD?
At this time, we have only confirmed fitment on left-hand drive models. We do have plans to offer a kit for right-hand drive models in the near future.

How do I install the IE performance software?
Included with each turbo kit is the IE PowerLink V2 flash loader, which allows you to flash your car from the comfort of your driveway. Simply connect to a laptop and use the provided instructions to update the software on your ECU.

What is the approximate labor time to install the IE450T kit?
The recommended install time for a professional technician is 8-12 hours.

Can I use another brand intercooler, HPFP, or exhaust? Will my current cold air intake fit with the IE450T kit?
We have designed the IE450T kit to work seamlessly with the IE FDS intercooler, IE HPFP, and IE midpipe. However, other intercoolers, HPFPs, and midpipes may work, but we have not confirmed fitment. Since the IE FDS intercooler features the largest core volume available, other intercoolers may not sufficiently cool charge air, resulting in power loss.

I don't need the complete turbo kit, can I buy individual components separately?
The IE450T kit is only sold complete, with no core components sold separately. If you have purchased a kit and need replacement parts, please contact us.

Can I use another company's ECU tune with the IE450T kit?
The IE450T kit includes software, which must be used for proper operation. We do not recommend running the car with the IE450T kit installed unless the IE performance software has been flashed to the ECU.

Will I need a low pressure fuel pump upgrade to support the IE450T kit?
The IE450T kit in base form does not require a low pressure fuel pump upgrade. We have optimized our turbo kit to get the most out of the factory low pressure fuel supply. If more than 450HP is desired then pistons, rods, and a low pressure fuel pump upgrade may be required.



BorgWarner EFR 6758 Turbocharger

BorgWarner EFR 6758 Turbocharger


By employing twin scroll turbo technology, the IE450T EFR kit is the first of its kind on the market, offering both higher horsepower numbers and faster spool time than other available kits. The BorgWarner EFR turbo series offers the latest in turbo technology, using a high efficiency billet compressor wheel and superior transient response from the titanium turbine wheel, which allows the turbo to re-spool quickly.

The EFR turbo offers OEM reliability with a heavy duty ceramic ball bearing center section, designed for ultimate longevity. To keep boost control simple, yet effective, the EFR turbo uses a generous 42mm internal wastegate. This wastegate setup works in true twin-scroll fashion, bleeding off pressure from both sides of the turbine housing.

Not only developed for reliability, the EFR turbos also offer the highest performance on the market, which is why they have been used on Indy cars since 2012.

With extensive testing done on several EFR turbochargers, the 6758 was selected for this kit, as it offered the widest powerband possible with minimal turbo lag. Full boost is achieved around 3300 RPM, making the IE450T kit the fastest spooling on the market, while significantly boosting power output through the higher rpm range.

IE Performance Software

IE Performance Software


In order to create a truly plug-and-play turbo kit, matching software is included to re-calibrate the ECU to suit the added horsepower from the hardware upgrades. With the amount of design and engineering that went into the hardware portion of the kit, we knew it was necessary to take the same amount of care and time developing software developed for the specific kit. Our engineers completely reverse engineered the ECU, which gave them a starting point for developing software that not only supported the additional power, but also made the driving experience much more enjoyable than stock. With use of our in-house Dynapack DP42 dynamometer, the IE Golf R spent months of its life getting software developed, endurance tested, and drivability perfected.

Along with the support for the power of the EFR turbo, we have incorporated several other features in the software, such as a raised rev limiter, removed speed governor, increased throttle response, and increased operating efficiency. The tune that is offered with the IE450T kit is designed for use with either 91 or 93 octane pump gasoline, with plans to develop an option for 100 octane in the future. With the base IE450T kit, the internals of the block are at a maximum safe power level. Once the 100 octane file is available, we will be offering it for customers with built engines only.

The IE450T software includes the IE Pro features of no-lift shift and launch control. No lift shift allows for up shifting without letting off the throttle. This retains boost pressure during the shift and allows for a fully spooled turbo when you hit the next gear; no re-spooling of the turbo is required. Launch control allows for boost pressure to be built when the car is not moving. This is especially beneficial in drag racing applications, where building boost is critical to get off the line as quickly as possible. Boost pressure is user-adjustable, determined by how far the throttle pedal is depressed; generally 10-25 PSI can be achieved. Gone are the days of waiting for the turbo to spool after leaving the line.

*Launch control & no-lift-shift is currently only available for US Golf R engines at this time.         

IE Cast Stainless Exhaust Manifold

IE Cast Stainless Exhaust Manifold


A twin-scroll turbo is only as good as the manifold it is mounted to, which is why we allocated a large amount of engineering resources and spent time to develop and test a true twin-scroll investment cast exhaust manifold. We have designed the exhaust manifold in house using the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to optimize flow and balance between all cylinders. We investment cast these in North America from CF8C stainless steel, which not only looks brilliant, but will outlast other manifolds manufactured from lower quality materials.

With longevity in mind, we have designed the exhaust manifold with robust mounting flanges, which will not warp or crack over time. To keep the turbo securely mounted, we also use studs and nuts made from Monel, which is a high-temperature resistant alloy that will not deform and keeps the seal between the turbo and manifold intact.

The IE450T turbo manifold has been designed specifically for use in the IE EFR turbo kit; it will not be sold separately for custom turbo setups.

IE Stainless Downpipe

IE Stainless Downpipe


The included downpipe is made from 3” stainless steel, which is mandrel bent and fabricated to directly fit the application. It incorporates a stainless steel flex section, which allows the engine movement under normal operation.

The downpipe has been designed to directly connect to the IE midpipe, which connects directly to the Milltek cat back exhaust, available separately. We use V-band connections, which make for ease of installation, no leaks, and easy adaptation to other manufacturer’s cat back exhaust systems. 

IE Cast MAF Housing

IE Cast MAF Housing


To allow the additional airflow past the mass air flow sensor (MAF), we include a cast aluminum MAF housing that fits directly between the turbo inlet pipe and the intake tube. This housing features a fully machined inside diameter, which is absolutely necessary for consistent MAF readings.

The MAF diameter is a perfect match for the tune that is provided with the kit, offering OEM drivability. To finish off this beautiful cast piece, we machine the inlet/outlet hose connections and mount bosses, then powdercoat it black.

IE Cast Turbo Outlet Pipe

IE Cast Turbo Outlet Pipe


Our kit includes a high flow USA-cast turbo outlet pipe, which is a direct replacement for the factory piece, providing a smooth connection between the turbo and the intercooler. To keep hoses securely attached, the barbs on this unit are fully machined and the factory mount points are utilized to keep the pipe from moving.  The cast outlet pipe is finished in a matching black powdercoat finish.  

Oil & Coolant Lines

Oil & Coolant Lines


The IE450T kit includes oil and coolant plumbing that has been designed specifically for the MK6 Golf R application, with use of mandrel-bent hard lines and heat protection in critical areas. All necessary adapters and flanges are included to make plumbing a simple, plug-and-play task. All included lines are made to replace the factory units entirely, with no cutting and splicing of OEM lines necessary.

Ancillary Components

Ancillary Components


To make the fitment of hardware components perfect, specific brackets and adapters have been designed. In order to use the internal wastegate on the EFR turbo, we use a thick-gauge stainless steel actuator bracket, which is designed to eliminate flex and maintain consistent boost control. This component was custom designed to fit within the space constraints on the 2.0T FSI engine.

The IE kit is complete with all necessary mounting bolts, nuts, washers, and gaskets required to install the new turbo components. Several custom billet adapters are also included, which are used to plumb PCV system and oil lines to the turbo. A new set of pre-gapped spark plugs are included, which are necessary for the higher boost output of the EFR turbo.

IE Silicone Couplers

IE Silicone Couplers


To make all connections as smooth and direct as possible, we use custom silicone couplers, which not only get the job done, but look stunning as well. All couplers are made from high quality 4-ply nylon-reinforced silicone, finished with a glossy black color. Larger couplers, such as the turbo inlet pipe, are wire reinforced to provide the rigidity that is necessary. To make each connection secure, we include clamps that are for use specifically on silicone, providing the tension needed without cutting into the coupler.

IE PowerLink Software Delivery

IE PowerLink Software Delivery


Each IE450T turbo kit includes an IE PowerLink V2 that will enable the end user or dealer to install the software on site using any laptop with a Windows operating system and USB port.  The PowerLink device also allows for switching between different ECU maps (for example, switching between 100 octane or 93 octane files). 

One-Year Limited Warranty

One-Year Limited Warranty


All kit components manufactured by Integrated Engineering carry a one-year limited warranty against material and manufacturing defects from the invoice date. IE manufactured components include the turbo manifold, MAF housing, cast outlet elbow, oil and coolant lines, and custom silicone couplers.   Components not manufactured by IE, such as the BorgWarner EFR turbo, are subject to the warranty provided by the 3rd party manufacturer. 

Suggested Install Time

Suggested Install Time


Installation should be performed by an experienced technician and will take roughly 8-12 hours to complete the process. The process has a few tricky steps that will require a diverse selection of tools and extensions. The entire install process has been written out step-by-step and included as a PDF file on a USB flash drive.  The install process can also be viewed ahead of time under the DIY Corner section of our blog. 

Engine Internal Requirements

Engine Internal Requirements


In base form, the IE450T kit is designed to bolt directly onto a stock Golf R engine without any need for upgrading internal components. However, a 100 octane file will be available for more extreme setups, which do require a built bottom end and upgraded valve springs at the minimum. We have taken this into consideration and offer a Sport Series short block, which is completely machined and assembled, ready to install into the car. We also offer Sport Series cylinder heads, which are also machined and assembled with IE performance components. 

IE450T Map Pack

IE450T Map Pack


Unlock the highest performance levels from your IE450T kit by adding the IE450T Map Pack. This map pack includes additional octane files for use with 93, 100, or 104 octane fuels along with a valet mode.  You can switch between these maps easily usinging your IE PowerLINK direct port flash cable included with the kit.  The higher octane allows our engineers more aggressive tuning of the ECU maps providing larger gains on the same hardware.

93 octane power gains
+191 WHP
+171 FT-LB
426WHP @ 6100RPM / 419 FT-LB @ 4500RPM 

100 octane power gains *Tuned with Sunoco GT260 100 octane
+225 WHP
+183 FT-LB
460WHP @ 6100RPM / 431 FT-LB @ 4500RPM

104 octane power gains *Tuned with Sunoco GT260 Plus or VP MS109 fuel
+245 WHP
+200 FT-LB
480WHP @6100RPM / 431 FT-LB @ 4500RPM