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Integrated Engineering 2.0T FSI/TSI performance intake manifolds are officially on pre-sale!
We are proud to announce the highest performing and best fitting intake manifold available for Volkswagen/Audi 2.0T FSI, TFSI, and TSI engines.
By optimizing runner lengths, velocity stack design, air flow resonance, and plenum volume, we were able to greatly improve upon the stock manifold.
Not only were our engineers able to maintain factory spool time, but were also able achieve more power throughout the entire RPM range.
Engines equipped with K04 or larger turbos will see the greatest horsepower and torque gains. Furthermore, this manifold fits a multitude of chassis
ranging from Volkswagen MK5, MK6, and MK6 Golf R to Audi B7 and B8.
For more information regarding fitment and power increases click the image above! 


Integrated Engineering B5 & B6 1.8T longitudinal performance intake manifolds are in stock and shipping now!  
This long awaited popular manifold design produces huge power gains through the mid-high range and very little low end power sacrifice.
Our big turbo test engine on only 12psi saw an incredible 80HP gain!  Check them out now to learn more.



Caste Systems Performance IE powered 2.5L 5 cylinder runs a 1/4th mile of 8.92 @ 172MPH!
The record was set this past weekend in the World Cup Final at MIR (Maryland International Raceway) by driver James Castellano.
This car also runs quite the slew of Integrated Engineering engine parts. Click the image above to check out more photos, the time slips, and info on this rocket.



First Look: Integrated Engineering's Golf R IE450T Turbo Kits
 IE has set out to develop a turbo upgrade kit for the MKVI Golf R which not only significantly increases the power output of the vehicle to super car levels, but also greatly enhances the driving experience.
After two years of very extensive and secretive work, the time has come to release a first look behind the scenes and key features of this upcoming product release.
Click the above image to visit the official release.