IE 2.7T 30V V6 SAI Blockoff Plate Kit

IE 2.7T 30V V6 SAI Blockoff Plate Kit


Item #: IEBAVD3


These plates allow the removal of the entire secondary air injection / combi valve system, including the large injection pump. This results in a much cleaner looking engine bay, as well as less clutter and more room for you to get in there and wrench on your ride. We CNC machine these plates from 6061 aluminum alloy, and machine them to accept an O ring seal, so that they seal up perfectly with no fuss, and no gaskets or messy sealant. The installation is completed with our included aerospace grade Viton O ring, and stainless steel socket head hardware. They are complete with a red anodize finish.

Note about check engine lights: There are two codes which may come up for this, one can be solved by adding a resistor to the circuit for the solenoid control valve, the other- for "incorrect flow detected" can only be defeated by software!

Fits all Audi 2.7T / 2.8L 30V V6 engines. Intended for off road use only.