IE Billet Valve Cover for 2.0T  FSI Engines

IE Billet Valve Cover for 2.0T FSI Engines


Item #: IEBAVC5


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Integrated Engineering is proud to offer billet valve covers for the MKV 2.0T FSI (belt driven) engines. These beautifully finished pieces start off as one large piece of 6061 aircraft aluminum, and are precisely machined on an in-house CNC mill. They are a direct replacement for your factory valve cover, and use the OEM gasket. They have a single -10an outlet for a custom breather setup. To ensure that no oil comes out of the breather, these have welded baffles that are guaranteed to not fail. In place of a factory oil cap, these use a billet aluminum cap with an o ring for a tight seal. Whether you are looking for custom look, or an easy way to start off a custom catch can project, these billet 2.0T valve covers are a great addition to your engine bay!

Note: This valve cover requires that you relocate the OE EVAP crossover tube, which can be found here:
It is recommended to use a new OEM valve cover gasket for installation of the billet valve cover. A catch can setup is also required, as the factory PCV components are removed with the factory valve cover.

Made in house from 6061 aircraft aluminum 
Includes billet oil cap with o ring seal
-10an o-ring boss breather outlet 
Uses factory gasket

These are for use on belt-driven 2.0T FSI engines only, not for chain-driven 2.0T TSI engines.