IE 1.8T 20V / 2.0T FSI Torque Plate

IE 1.8T 20V / 2.0T FSI Torque Plate


Item #: IETLVA3



Boring your engine with a torque plate is one way to ensure the cylinders of your high performance engine are as round as possible. This plate simulates a cylinder head being bolted onto the engine, distorting the block into the shape it will be in with the head on. Boring it in this state ensures that the bores are actually round with the head on. 

This is a full kit including a precision machined torque plate, machined spacers and hardened steel shims which prevent wear over time. This kit allows factory length bolts or studs to be used, so you can bore your engine using whatever fasteners you intend to run.


Works with all VW 4 cylinder gas engines from 1983-2008
Includes torque plate, spacers, and shims