IE Sport Stroker Long Block 1.8T 20V Engine (Transverse 06A, VVT, Hybrid Oil Pan W/O Sensor, AWP Valve Cover)

IE Sport Stroker Long Block 1.8T 20V Engine (Transverse 06A, VVT, Hybrid Oil Pan W/O Sensor, AWP Valve Cover)


Item #: IELBVA1


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Integrated Engineering performance longblocks are the solution to upgrading engine internals without the guess work of which components to use and the complicated processes of machining and assembly. We have carefully selected the best combination of components for each engine, making them truly the best match for the job. This specific longblock is designed for customers looking to increase horsepower significantly, while maintaining a wide powerband. This longblock features an IE stroker kit, which increases displacement to 2.0L, dropping turbo spool time down and offering more power throughout the entire powerband. An IE Sport Series large port cylinder head is utilized, which allows for added airflow, as well as support for revving the engine higher.

Performance Matched Components

bottom end

Bottom end
This longblock is built on a solid foundation, beginning with an IE Sport Series stroker short block. With displacement increased to 2008c, power is added through the entire RPM range and spool time is reduced. This block was carefully designed for the high performance street car with durability in mind. All block machine work is performed and checked by an IE engine builder, which includes a bore and hone with IE torque plate, deck surfacing, ring gapping, and assembly. All clearances are confirmed and recorded as the engine is assembled.

-IE Tuscan I Beam Rifle Drilled Connecting Rods
-IE Spec Mahle Forged Pistons- 83mm, 9.25:1
-VW/Audi OEM 92.8mm Stroker Crankshaft

-Mahle Motorsport Rod Bearing Set
-Mahle Motorsport Main Bearing Set
-OE Thrust Washer Set

-OEM Main bolts


Cylinder Head
On top of the Sport Block sits an IE Sport Series large port cylinder head. With the same durability characteristics in mind as the short block, the cylinder head is built upon carefully selected components, which increases airflow and allows the engine to rev higher. Each head gets a thorough cleaning, which includes removing oil galley plugs and cleaning all galleys. We then remove the old valve guides and install a new set of IE guides, with internal clearances properly set for the Ferrea valves that are used. For a perfect valve seal, we perform a multi-angle valve job before assembly. Lastly, each head is surfaced and assembled by an IE engine builder.

-IE IECVA2 Street Cam Set
-IE Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kit

-IE Valve Guides
-Ferrea +1mm Valves (stainless intake, Super Alloy exhaust) 
-IE Valve Stem Seals (poly intake, Viton exhaust)
-OEM Keepers
-OEM Lifters
-OE VVT Timing Chain Tensioner
-OE Timing Chain


Once the head is installed on the block and cams installed, we add a bulletproof timing drive setup with special attention given to the belt drive pulley on the crankshaft and the tensioner setup. Each engine receives a press-fit  billet timing drive pulley, ARP crank gear bolt, cam gear bolt, and EKagrip cam gear friction shim,  ensuring that all components stay locked in place. We then install an IE manual timing belt tensioner setup with a new metal-impeller water pump and Gate's Racing timing belt. Using these components makes for a timing drive system far superior to the factory setup.

-IE Billet Adjustable Cam Gear
-IE/ARP Cam Gear Bolt
-IE/EKagrip Friction Shim
-IE Press-Fit Crank Timing Pulley
-IE/ARP Crank Bolt
-IE Billet Idler Roller Kit
-IE Timing Tensioner Spacer
-OE Tensioner Roller
-OE Water Pump
-Gate's Racing Timing Belt


Each engine receives brand new oiling components, including oil pump, chain, tensioner, pickup tube, windage tray, and hybrid oil pan. In order to completely seal the crankcase for shipping, we include an oil cap, funnel, and dipstick. This engine receives a pickup tube and oil pan to be used in transverse applications only.

-OE Oil Pump
-OE Oil Pump Chain
-OEM Oil Pump Chain Tensioner
-OE Hybrid Oil Pan
-OEM Pickup Tube for Hybrid Pan
-OEM Windage Tray
-OE Oil Cap
-OEM Cam Oil Deflectors
-OE Dipstick Funnel
-OE Dipstick


Gaskets and Hardware
To securely mount the head onto the block, a set of ARP studs are used. This ensures total head gasket seal with no possibilities of leaking. The engine is assembled with all new gaskets from the valve cover to oil pan. The gasket kit includes an IE overbore gasket, which is custom made for large-bore 1.8T engines. All hardware is included to bolt on the oil pan, water pump, timing components, and main seals.

-ARP Head Stud Kit
-OE Head Gasket Set
-IE Overbore Head Gasket
-OE Block Gasket Set
-OEM Short Block Hardware Pack

high end components

Covers and Other Parts
To call this engine complete, we include a brand new OEM AWP valve cover, front main seal housing, and timing covers. A set of Denso IK22 Iridium spark plugs is installed in the engine, which are pre-gapped and ready to use.

-OEM AWP Valve Cover
-OEM Front Main Seal Housing
-OEM Upper Timing Cover
-OEM Mid Timing Cover
-OEM Lower Timing Cover
-Denso IK22 Spark Plugs


Each longblock built by Integrated Engineering receives our signature break-in service before shipping. This service is unique in that we actually run every engine on our in-house engine dynamometer. Once mounted to the dyno stand, the procedure begins by bringing the engine to temperature and inspecting it closely for leaks. It is then placed through a light run-in cycle, which puts it through various load and rpm conditions. After the first run-in cycle is finished, the engine is left to cool and inspected for leaks once again. Once confirmed, the engine is started and brought back up to temperature, then ran through a second break-in cycle. This time, it is put through a wider range of rpm and more load is applied. After this cycle completes, the engine is broken in and ready for inspection and power testing.

Following the break in procedure we perform a leakdown test on each cylinder to confirm that the rings have seated. After confirming the engines health, we test the engine's potential by putting it through higher boost conditions and doing a final power pull. The engine is left to cool, then removed from the dyno.

Before shipping, the engine receives a post-dyno inspection, which includes cutting open the oil filter and checking for any debris. We also review data from all three dyno sessions, confirming that oil pressure is within specification and confirming that the engine made the amount of power necessary during the power pull.

Finally the engine is packaged in a custom engine crate and securely fastened. It is sealed in a plastic bag with desiccant media to remove any moisture that could accumulate during shipping.


Complete longblock
This engine is sold as a complete longblock, which means that it is ready to install into your car upon receipt. You will simply need to swap over all accessories, turbo setup, and clutch/flywheel setup and install into car. There is no additional break-in needed once you install it, as it is completed on the engine dyno before shipping. The engine ships without oil and ready for the oil of your choice.

Each engine includes documentation and photos from the build, along with a video of the engine break-in and power testing on our engine dyno. All of the measured clearances from assembly are included, along with an inspection report from the IE engine builder who completed the build. Dyno charts and data from the dyno runs are included, which shows the power levels that the engine was tested at, as well as air/fuel ratio and oil pressure data. Lastly, a maintenance guide to care for your new IE race engine is included in the documentation packet.