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IEINCI1 IE VW MK7 GTI & Golf R Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Kit

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IEINCI3 IE VW MK7 Carbon Fiber Turbo Inlet Pipe For IE Carbon Fiber Intake Kit

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IEINCU1A IE SAI Filter Kit For Cold Air Intakes

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Add power, performance, and style to your VW MK7 GTI/Golf R or Audi A3/S3 engine bay with IE’s Carbon Fiber Intake System.  The IE exclusive Sound Door allows for custom adjustment of your intake volume. Exceeding the stock airbox flow by over 15% results in an impressive gain of 10-15 horsepower!

Product Summary


  • Autoclaved high-quality gloss carbon fiber construction
  • Sound Door customizes sound levels to suit your personal taste
  • Increased throttle response
  • Internal velocity stack with 5-inch inlet increases flow into the inlet pipe and turbocharger
  • Massive conical filter results in higher flow
  • 45-degree filter angle results in higher flow than straight or perpendicular filter locations  
  • Water drain provision keeps your airbox dry following rain and cars washes
  • Optimized air inlet duct allows for maximum intake air flow while still allowing engine bay cooling
  • Undergoes thorough appearance and fitment quality control processes   





The ram air design and massive 5-inch filter inlet help deliver the most HP possible from an intake system.

  • Expect peak gains of 10+ HP on stock vehicles
  • Gains exceed 10 HP on tuned and big turbo vehicles  



The following chart demonstrates an impressive gain in flow over the factory air box. With the Sound Door installed, gains of up to 15% are achieved. With the Sound Door not installed the air flow gains exceed 16%.

MK7 intake air flow gains



The IE carbon fiber inlet pipe puts the finishing touches on your engine bay, taking the same carbon fiber look of the intake all the way to the turbo. This carbon pipe completely replaces the factory plastic pipe resulting in a show-ready finished look. The IE Turbo Inlet Pipe connects to IE Carbon Fiber Intake System with a custom-designed silicone hump hose allowing engine movement under load without adding any stress to the intake components.   

mk7 cf turbo inlet pipe



Our engineers set out to develop the best performing Carbon Fiber Intake System for MQB, MK7, & 8V vehicles. The latest in computer design software and engineering tools ensure maximum performance and perfect fitment.


Our engineers spared no expense developing this intake system to ensure it is never outperformed by others on the market. The large internal volume, velocity stack, wide inlet, and 45-degree angle of the filter result in the highest flowing closed element intake system tested on the market.


The Sound Door included in the intake kit allows for adjustment of intake sounds to suit your personal taste. Leave the plate in for a highway cruiser or remove it to unleash the growl of your engine!      


Substantial gains are achieved by the large airbox internal volume and velocity stack which accelerates the rate that air enters the intake system. Your driving experience is improved with additional horsepower and torque, enhanced throttle response, and a sporty sound to top it off.


A large 5 inch IE cone air filter is designed for use with the carbon velocity stack. This long-life filter reduces the amount of air restriction found with smaller cone-shaped or panel filters.  



Your VW/Audi Gen 3 2.0T or 1.8T engine may have come factory equipped with a secondary air injection (SAI) pump. Engines with SAI require an IE SAI Filter Adapter Kit for this SAI line when installing an aftermarket intake. Engines not equipped with this SAI pump do not require this filter kit. Identify if your engine requires an SAI filter kit using the photos below and add it to your cart above if needed when ordering your intake.  

Download SAI Filter kit install guide here.

secondary air injection vehicles



Install can typically be completed in about an hour using basic tools. Be sure to read the install instructions in entirety before starting the process. As a pro tip, keep in mind that carbon fiber scratches easily (especially if tools are dropped on it). 



  • Audi - A3 2015+ (8V) 2.0T engine
  • Audi - S3 2015+ (8V) 2.0T engine
  • VW - GTI 2015+ (MK7) 2.0T engine
  • VW - Golf R 2015+ (MK7) 2.0T engine
  • VW - Golf 2015+ (MK7) 1.8T & 2.0T engine
  • VW - Golf Alltrak 2016+ (MK7) 1.8T & 2.0T engine
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Amazing Quality and Sound!
I was very impressed when I took this intake out of the box. It is truly a thing of beauty! The carbon fiber looks so good in the engine bay, especially paired with the inlet pipe. Quality is on par with every other Integrated Engineering part I've ever purchased--spectacular, head and shoulders above the competition. I installed mine in about 1.5-2 hours, taking extra care not to scratch the carob fiber. A more skilled mechanic could probably have this done in about 30-60 minutes. I opted to leave the "sound door" open and it sounds great! I love the spooling and DV noises. I couldn't be happier with this intake and I would recommend it to anyone!
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