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VW MK7 Cold Air Intake Kit
VW MK7 Cold Air Intake Kit Full Kit Components Perfect Fitment High-Flow Velocity Stack & 5" Filter Ultra-Quality Design High Performance Look & Sound High-Flow Velocity Stack Classy & Clean Look IE High-Flow 5" Air Filter

Product Features

The ultimate intake.

We were uncompromising in our quest to build the ultimate cold-air intake. (The one we wanted for our own cars.) Here’s why you’ll love it too:

• Cold Air Intake for MK7 GTI, Golf R, and Golf

• Gain 10+ horsepower and torque

• Massive 5 inch diameter air filter

• High-flow velocity stack

• Delivers cold air to your turbocharger

• Cleans up any engine bay

• Perfect fitment by utilizing factory airbox mounts

• Black powder coated inlet pipe and heat shield

• Durable 3-ply silicone couplers

• Stealth coolant line included at no extra cost

IE MK7 Cold Air Intake GTI, Golf R, & Golf

The IE MK7 CAI Kit is a perfect addition to any engine bay. Benefits include added horsepower, torque, snappier throttle response, and an aggressive sound. Typical peak gains are in roughly 10 Horsepower and Torque.

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Product Summary




The ram air design and massive 5-inch filter inlet help deliver the most HP possible from an intake system.

  • Expect peak gains of 10+ HP on stock vehicles
  • Gains may exceed 10 HP on tuned and big turbo vehicles  



  • IE 3 inch diameter powder coated inlet pipe
  • IE heat shield & massive air filter
  • IE stealth coolant line for clean routing under the heat shield  
  • All necessary hardware (clamps, nuts, bolts, etc)



This Intake delivers an impressive 17.3% flow increase to feed your turbo. More cold air flow means more power, especially during the hot summer months. Ditch your stock restrictive airbox for the IE intake System.



At the inception of the project, our engineers set out to make the MK7 Cold Air Intake that looks great and performs even better. The latest in computer design and 3D scanning technology were employed during the development process for a perfect fit and maximum performance. The final product resulted in the greatest performing and best looking open filter intake available.


Delivering cold air to your engine is a must for making power. The velocity stack efficiently channels air as quickly as possible into the intake system. The velocity also functions as a solid mount for the air filter which means no intake pipes rattling on heat shields.



IE uses a two-piece heat shield which performs and looks great. It effectively channels cold air from the front of the car to the massive performance filter. Furthermore, it eliminates the induction of hot air found in other locations of the engine bay.



This Intake fits MK7 GTI and MK7 Golf R without any modification or installation hassles. The install process is simple and can be done quickly with basic tools. The fact that IE intake utilizes the factory airbox mounts ensures a perfect and hassle-free fit. Additionally, the stock rubber mounts allow for engine movement which keeps intake components from getting damaged.  



Wrinkle black powder coated inlet pipes and heat shields result in a sleek and sporty appearance in any engine bay. As a final touch, all IE heat shields are finished with a classy, laser etched, stainless steel IE logo badge.



Included in every kit is the IE stealth coolant line. This coolant line neatly tucks the coolant line under the heat shield rather than it going over it. Another problem avoided with the IE stealth coolant line is it avoids any interference or rubbing on the heat shield which can lead to damaged and leaky hoses.  



Installation is quick and easy install with basic tools. The process should take around an hour for most enthusiasts. CLICK HERE to view and download the install guide.


  • VW - GTI 2015+ (MK7) 2.0T

  • VW - Golf R 2015+ (MK7) 2.0T

  • VW - Golf 2015+ (MK7) 1.8T & 2.0T

  • VW - Golf  Alltrak 2016+ (MK7) 1.8T & 2.0T


Cars equipped with SAI will need to purchase the intake with a SAI filter kit option. Cars that have SAI will have a plastic hose barb on the side of the stock air box as shown in the photo below.

secondary air injection vehicles

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Got this the other day off of ECStuning, installation was a breeze very helpful instructions. My MK7 GTI has a stage 1 APR ecu tune and this intake really takes it to another notch. Simply beautiful, inside the engine bay, performance, and sound. 10/10 would recommend.
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Amazing Intake
I absolutely love this intake! It was my first modification to my Mk7 GTI, and I could not be happier. I can't keep my foot off of the throttle now after installing it. Additionally, installation was smooth and straightforward, and that says a lot as installing the CAI was the first time I've ever worked on a car before.
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Best Intake for MK7 GTI
In an intake upgrade, most people want two things,
performance & sound. This product kills it. Insane spool & flutter noises on WOT, yet subtle and professional sounding when cruising around town. Steady acceleration then pulling off the throttle gives you addictive “blow off” noises that will have you coming back for more. When popping the hood I love seeing how great the engine bay looks now. Installation is straight forward and can be done in about 45 minutes with basic hand tools. As far as the performance gains I have to say it feels much more responsive than the stock airbox, as well as improved my mpg at highway speeds. Only thing IE could do better is included instructions inside the box. There is a card with a link on it, but it didn’t work for me. I used this:

Overall, if you’re looking for a quality intake with performance, noise, and smiles per gallon, this is the intake for you. Do yourself a favor and buy it already, you won’t regret it.
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this intake is awesome in every way from build to install to performance this intake is the best and id recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a intake
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Couldn't be happier
The quality of fit and finish is great with this intake. I'm not sure about the power gains as I didn't dyno before and after, but just for the looks and the sounds this intake is my favourite so far out of the three I have used on my '16 Golf R.
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Breathes deeper and looks great
Love my new intake! Installation with the PDF instruction online was very straightforward and and company support has been top notch. Only things that would have made it perfect would be an extra hose clamp instead of the recycled one off the turbo inlet pipe and a maybe a workaround on the coupling that hooks to the velocity stack (can interfere with the barb for the vacuum line). But most importantly, the car breathes better, definitely responds better when you hit the gas, and doesn't sound like it's gasping for air under heavy load. Coupled with upgraded diverter valve and turbo inlet, the car sounds pretty slick too. Fit and finish of the intake is great and IE is serious about the quality of their product. Good stuff.
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