One of those deals...

06A Dry Sump Oil Filter Housing

06A Dry Sump Oil Filter Housing

Have you ever had a project that you assumed would take a few hours, but ends up eating up days? This dry sump oil feed adapter was one of those deals. It will replace the OE VW / Audi 1.8T oil filter housing and allow for feeding the block with fresh oil from a dry sump setup. However, we really wanted to accomplish that, while allowing the fitment of the OE oil cooler, and an oil filter, all in a compact space with a minimum of extra hoses and fittings. All of that extra "stuff" really adds up to a ton of places leaks can happen or hoses can rupture.

This seemed like an easy project- make a flat plate and throw the oil filter boss on there- line a few ports up, no big deal. Oh wait... There is a check valve in the OE oil filter housing that stops the cylinder head from draining back to the pan when it sits. 50 phone calls later I finally realize that a) the industrial supply scene in this country is totally stuck in the 80's, and b) the OE VW check valve is available separately and will work. Sweet. A little redesign, almost good to go.

06A 1.8T Dry Sump Oil Filter Housing

Just a few things going on in there...

However, in the interest of keeping this thing compact, the floor of the oil filter housing pocket couldn't be flat- it would either not clear a cross drilled hole which serves to feed the cylinder head, or it would only intersect the inlet hose by about 75%... No good- this part just because a complex surface machined component to give us a sweeping, contoured floor in order to accomplish the best of both worlds. In the wire frame above, you can get an appreciation for the amount of stuff that needs to be crammed into the little available volume. Below, you see the complex contour needed to provide good oil flow out of the connection from the dry sump to the assembly and around into the oil filter, while avoiding the cross drilling in behind and pockets underneath.

Dry Sump Oil Filter Housing Cross Section

Cross section view to illustrate the tight working space

Finally, after about 3 days worth of work, my 2-3 hour project is pretty much complete. We quickly 3d printed one and test fitted it on a racing engine that was already under construction in the shop- everything looks pretty good. Just a bit more detail work and this 2-3 hour, 2-3 day project will be mostly complete. Then comes the boring part- generating the bills of materials, production blueprints, work orders, etc, that get the job done. I'll update later with some finished parts :)

Dry sump oil filter housing rapid prototype

Test fitting the 3D printed prototype part

Till next time!


6 thoughts on “One of those deals...”

  • awesome. i cant wait to get mine :)

  • It's still compact with the filter sticking straight off the block like that? wouldn't it hit the ac lines or even the fans? I suppose most of the people running this won't have ac installed.

    • These no longer use factory sized oil filters, the oil filter installed will be much smaller, clearance should be no issue.

  • - if you were able to do the same thing for an 058 1.8t engine but instead of having a filter flange it purely had two large orb outlets (say to suit -12an) and still retained the head NRV i would be sending you money, please tell me you can do it I'm just coming up to the oil system on the racer and it will make all the difference (and go nicely with all the other Int gear i have ) :)

  • - I am with Mr Morris on this one, where is the 058 option! Now that's a 2-3 hour project Pete. You can do it, we believe in you!!!!

  • Pro-race engineering January 16, 2016 at 7:26 am

    Hi did these move any further towards production?

    Greatly interested if they have or not

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