Integrated Engineering M50/M52/S50/S52 Crank Girdle/Bedplate Kit Installation

Integrated Engineering M50/M52/S50/S52 Crank Girdle/Bedplate Kit Installation

Thank you for purchasing another high quality Integrated Engineering product! This instruction sheet is used for installation of the Integrated Engineering crank girdle/bedplate kit for the M50/M52/S50/S52 engines. This kit needs to be installed by a professional or by an experienced technician. Integrated Engineering is not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect installation. Serious engine damage can occur from incorrect installation.

 Kit contents:

(1) Girdle/bedplate

(1) Custom length ARP main stud kit

(21) 25mm oil pan bolts

(2) 65mm oil pan bolts

(2) 100mm oil pan bolts

(10) 20mm windage tray bolts

(35) Washers for oil pan and windage tray bolts

(14) Girdle spacers


Before beginning installation, unpack and inventory all components on a clean work table and verify that you have everything needed to proceed.


Install Directions

Step 1 With engine on a secure stand, turn upside down so main caps can be accessed. Girdle fitting can be done with no components in the engine, but will need all components installed before final installation.

Step 2 Apply a light coating of oil to the bottom side of the ARP main studs. Install stud into block. They do not need to be tightened down, just hand-tight.

IMG_9581 IMG_9582

 Step 3 With main caps in place, install girdle spacers onto main studs If using IE Tall Boy main caps (IE part # IEBEBA2) refer to the included install sheet- you will not need the girdle spacers Skip to step 9 if using Tall Boy main caps.


Step 4 Place girdle plate onto block and make sure that all main caps are fully seated so plate will sit level.


Step 5 Apply ARP assembly lubricant to each main stud and nut. Only a small amount is needed. Install all washers onto studs, followed by nuts (figure 6). Using a torque wrench that has not been dropped, torque the studs to 60 ft/lbs using the factory torque sequence.

IMG_9587 IMG_9589

Step 6 Using feeler gauges, measure the gap between the girdle plate and the block. Be sure to measure in several spots on both sides of the block to get an average measurement of the gap. Take note of these measurements. You can now remove main stud nuts and girdle plate.


Step 7 Remove spacers from studs and number each spacer so they can be installed in the same position for final assembly. The girdle spacers will need to be machined to close the gap between the girdle plate and the block.

IMG_9600 IMG_9599

Step 8 Measure each spacer and subtract the measurement of the gap to get final size required. Machine each spacer accordingly to remove excess material and close gap. The tolerance for the gap between the girdle plate and block is 0.001”


Step 9 The main journals will need to be align honed by an engine machine shop with ARP studs installed and torqued to ensure journal circularity. Installation of crankshaft, pistons, and rods can now be finalized. Once this has been completed, you are ready for the final installation of the girdle.

Step 10 Reinstall machined spacers onto studs in the same position as they were when gap was measured. With rear main seal housing, timing cover, and oil pump chain all installed, apply a bead of sealant to outer perimeter of block.


Step 11 Clean girdle plate thoroughly, and install onto main studs. Install washers and nuts with ARP assembly lubricant applied to threads and torque studs to 60 ft/lbs once again.



Step 12 On some oil pumps, the supports will interfere with three main stud nuts. The oil pump will need to be notched in these locations in order to clear the nuts. Mock up oil pump, and mark where the notches need to be made. Remove pump and notch accordingly. Once it has been modified correctly, it can be installed.

IMG_9605 IMG_9606 IMG_9608

Step 13 The windage tray will need to be clearanced to fit over the main stud nuts. Mark tray in interference points, and remove material as needed. This can be done by drilling holes in the locations of the nuts.  Once it has been modified to fit properly, it can be installed using supplied 20mm bolts with washers.

IMG_9618 IMG_9619 IMG_9620

Step 14 Install oil pan using supplied bolts with washers. The 65mm and 100mm bolts are used on the transmission side of the block, and the 25mm bolts are used everywhere else.



Notes: With girdle installed, the bolts from transmission to oil pan will no longer line-up and cannot be used unless oil pan is modified.

Thank you for purchasing another Integrated Engineering product. We are dedicated to serving your BMW, and VW/Audi engine and performance needs. Please check our website frequently for new product releases. If you have any questions or concerns about this product please do not hesitate to contact us:


Integrated Engineering 801.484.2021

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  • pawinn songtachalert August 7, 2017 at 11:19 am

    Dear IE,

    Is this kit still available? I noticed it on the ECS tuning website and after talking with them on the phone, they say that availability is made to order. Would it also include the tallboy main caps? Thank you for your time. I'm currently looking to maximize the m50 block platform power potential, documenting it on my youtube channel. Any help/advice would be greatly apreciated.

    Pawinn S.

  • Hi
    is it in stock ?

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