Integrated Engineering MK7/MQB TSI GEN 3 FDS Intercooler Install: Part Number - IETPCI1

Thank you for purchasing another high quality Integrated Engineering product! This instruction guide is used for installation of the Integrated Engineering FDS Intercooler Kit for MQB applications. This kit needs to be installed by a professional or an experienced technician. Integrated Engineering is not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect installation.

Kit Contents:

  • (1) IE FDS Intercooler
  • (1) Passenger side silicone hose
  • (1) Driver side silicone hose
  • (2) Hose clamps (60-80mm)
  • (1) Brass plug for water-meth port
  • (2) Service position bolts


To begin, open the IE FDS Intercooler Kit and inspect all components, and verify their quantities. Park your car on level surface and apply the parking brake or rack your car on a auto lift. It is also recommended to allow the car to cool before beginning this install procedure.


Remove both front wheels as you will need access to the fender liners in order to remove the front bumper.


Remove the belly pan by removing the T25 torx screws that secures it in place.


Remove the T25 torx screw from the underside of the bumper that secures it to the radiator support.


Remove the T25 torx screws in the wheel well that secure the front bumper. You can now remove the lower wheel liners.


Be sure to remove the torx located under the fender liner towards the top of the bumper. Repeat on both sides.


Remove the headlight washer fluid line (located on the passenger side of LHD cars) by squeezing the blue tabs on the fitting.


Remove the T25 torx screws on the top of the grill. Once they are removed, pull forward slightly and then lift straight up to remove the grill.


Remove three T30 torx screw in the center to release the bumper from the radiator support bracket.


The front bumper can now be removed by pulling on the outer top edge. Use caution during this step to not break the plastic clips that fasten the bumper. If you car has parking sensors, those will need to be disconnected in this step also.




Disconnect the hood release cable link (follow the photos below).




Remove the 3 T25 torx screws and remove the upper headlight bracket, repeat on both sides.


Remove the T30 torx screw securing the outside of headlight to the bumper bracket. Repeat on both sides.


Remove the two T30 torx screws from the engine bay side of the headlight. Disconnect the headlight connectors. You can now remove both headlights.





Remove stock air box or aftermarket intake from the engine bay. In this case we removed the IE MK7 MQB intake.


You will also need to remove three clips (one on top, two on bottom) that fasten the plastic air guides that bolt to both sides of the radiator support.




To fully remove the bumper support bracket, remove the two T30 torx screws remaining on the outside of the support. Release the two push tabs on the inside of the support. Be careful when removing to not break plastic components on the bumper support bracket.



Remove both intercooler charge pipes. Use a 7mm socket to loosen the hose clamps.



Drain coolant by removing lower radiator hose. Remove the spring clip and pull the hose away from the radiator outlet.



Detach upper radiator hose by removing the spring clip and pull the hose away from the radiator.


Remove the three connectors from the radiator support. There are two yellow connectors and one black connector located at the top of the radiator support. Be sure there are no electrical connectors still attached to the radiator support.


Remove three of the four 16mm bolts that attach the crash beam to the frame rails. Repeat on both sides. Thread the included support bolts in by hand into outside bottom corners of the frame rails on both side.



Remove the final 16mm bolt securing crash beam to the frame horns.The radiator support will now tilt forward into service position.


Remove the two T30 screws securing the coolant pipe located in front of the intake manifold to the radiator fan.


Next, remove the cooling fan connector.


Press locking tab on the radiator fan and pull up to remove.



Release intercooler mounting tabs from front of car. The AC condenser, intercooler, and radiator will now be able to slide back out of the core support.


Press down on the radiator securing tabs from the top of the intercooler with a flat head screwdriver and pull the radiator away from the IC. You can now remove the radiator.



Remove the two air guides from the front of the condenser. Remove these by releasing the tab located on the bottom.



Depress the tab on the intercooler end tank and pull up on the condenser. Leave the condenser in radiator support and carefully remove the intercooler by lowering it from the car.  Set aside the stock intercooler.



Remove the two intercooler mount brackets from the side of the stock intercooler, and re-install them in the same orientation onto the IE intercooler.



The IE FDS Intercooler can now be installed. Remove the protective cardboard and intercooler inlet/outlet plastic covers and install the plastic mounts onto the end tanks. Install the water-meth plug into the intercooler or your water-meth nozzle if you have one.


Lift the intercooler from the bottom of the car into place and ensure the locating tabs on the bottom of the intercooler are inserted into the rubber grommets. Install the four set screws that mount the condenser to the intercooler. You may have to tap the condenser tabs into the slots on the front of the FDS intercooler.



Now that the FDS intercooler has been installed, begin reassembling the car by following the reverse of the procedure detailed above. You will need to reassemble the car completely with the exception of installing the belly pan. Before installing the belly pan, the intercooler hoses will be installed.


Install the passenger side silicone hose. You will reuse the factory clamp on the plastic barb side. On the intercooler side use one of 60-80mm silicone hose clamps. It may be helpful to use carb cleaner or similar as lubricant during the install. Tighten both clamps firmly.



Install the driver side silicone hose. You will reuse the factory clamp on the plastic barb side. On the intercooler side, the other 60-80mm silicone hose clamp will be used.  Tighten both clamps firmly.


After installing both hoses you can now reinstall the belly pan.

Fill the engine cooling system with proper mix of factory-specified coolant, then bleed off any air trapped in the cooling system.

Start the car and confirm that none of the coolant connections are leaking.


Thank you for purchasing another Integrated Engineering product. We are dedicated to serving your VW/Audi engine and performance needs. Please check our website frequently for new product releases. If you have any questions or concerns about this product please do not hesitate to contact us.


Integrated Engineering 801.484.2021

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