First Look: Integrated Engineering's Golf R IE450T Turbo Kits

IE450TtitleUPDATED 7/1/2015

After two long years of development and testing, the IE450T big turbo upgrade kit for the MK6 Golf R is finally here! This kit is a direct replacement for the factory K04 setup and offers a 70% increase in power to approximately 450hp at the crankshaft. Contrary to most big turbo upgrades, the factory spool time is left nearly unchanged due to true twin-scroll technology used in the IE cast stainless exhaust manifold and the BorgWarner EFR turbocharger. We have carefully selected each component for this kit to work in harmony with one another and tested them for thousands of miles to confirm durability. No corners were cut in the making of the IE450T; it is truly the highest quality kit available for your Golf R. Click the image above for details, pricing, and purchasing info!


UPDATED 3/3/2015

The entire Integrated Engineering team has been hard at work finalizing all the details, hardware, fitment, software, and fine tuning every possible component of the IE450T Golf R turbo kit.  Most major kit components have been finalized and are shelf stocked waiting to be fully packaged as final IE450T kits.  The IE development Golf R has been daily driven and tested since day one of this project and continuously updated with final version parts as they have become available.


After countless hours in the IE chassis dynamometer test cell receiving software revisions, the IE450T Golf R underwent a 4 day, 2100 mile road trip.  This road trip took the car through desert, over mountains nearing 10,000 feet, down to sea level, and through a variety of weather conditions. The demanding trip was designed to test the reliability and performance of the hardware and software in any condition.  The IE 450T big turbo kit effortlessly passed the test and put a huge smile on the face of anyone behind the wheel.  The invaluable data gathered during the trip has been incorporated to further refine the perfect daily driving, yet extremely angry, tune for this big turbo kit.

IEHWLTLake Tahoe, Nevada


IEMUIRMuir Redwoods outside San Francisco, California


IEVEGASLas Vegas, Nevada

We have also added other features into our IE450T tune, such as no lift shifting and launch control. These additional features push the car even further into super car speeds and a power band that never disappoints.  You can see a small example of our no lift shift and launch control HERE.


Only a few small items are left now before we can finalize the IE450T kits and start releasing some true monsters upon the streets worldwide.  Keep your eyes open for an official ETA release coming soon.  Continue reading below to see many updated images of final production parts.

IMG_8325 IMG_8323 IMG_8335 IMG_8329 IMG_8331 IMG_8332 IMG_8333 IMG_8338





Posted Sep 16, 2014


As it hit the drawing board, the idea was simple: develop a turbo upgrade kit for the MKVI Golf R which not only significantly increases the power output of the vehicle, but also greatly enhances the driving experience. Car enthusiasts, including us here at Integrated Engineering are often apprehensive when it comes to big turbo upgrades, as larger turbos carry a reputation of increasing turbo lag. We wanted to offer a kit that would increase the power without making the car lose its amazing street-friendly, daily drivability. Fast forward through nearly two years of development… and we are pleased to announce the Integrated Engineering 450T EFR turbo kit for MK6 Golf R.

The IE 450T MK6 Golf R kit is a complete turbo upgrade system based on a twin-scroll BorgWarner EFR turbocharger, which offers larger power gains than other kits on the market, while offering faster spool time. Included with the kit is everything needed to upgrade, including hardware and software. In bolt-on form, the kit will increase horsepower to 450bhp on stock engine internals, with the capability of over 500bhp if a built engine is utilized.

Pre-production images, renders, and models shown. Final kit components are subject to change.



ie45020 ie45014ie450122


By employing twin scroll turbo technology, the IE EFR kit is the first of its kind on the market, offering both higher horsepower numbers and faster spool time than other available kits. The BorgWarner EFR turbo series offers the latest in turbo technology, using a high efficiency billet compressor wheel and superior transient response from the titanium turbine wheel, which allows the turbo to re-spool quickly. The EFR turbo offers OEM reliability with a heavy duty ceramic ball bearing center section, designed for ultimate longevity. To keep boost control simple, yet effective, the EFR turbo uses a generous 42mm internal wastegate. This wastegate setup works in true twin-scroll fashion, bleeding off pressure from both sides of the turbine housing.

Not only developed for reliability, the EFR turbos also offer the highest performance on the market, which is why they have been used on Indy cars since 2012.

ie4509 ie45011 ie45010 ie450223

Exhaust Manifold

A twin-scroll turbo is only as good as the manifold it is mounted to, which is why we allocated a large amount of engineering resources and spent time to develop and test a true twin-scroll cast exhaust manifold.  We have designed the exhaust manifold in house using the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to optimize flow and balance between all cylinders. We investment cast these in North America from CF8C stainless steel, which not only looks brilliant, but will outlast other manifolds manufactured from lower quality materials.

With longevity in mind, we have designed the exhaust manifold with robust mounting flanges, which will not warp or crack over time. To keep the turbo securely mounted, we also use studs and nuts made from Monel, which is a high-temperature resistant alloy that will not deform and keeps the seal between the turbo and manifold intact.

We have designed this manifold specifically for use in the IE EFR kit; it will not be available separately for custom turbo setups.

ie4502 ie4503 ie45015

MAF housing

To allow the additional airflow past the mass air flow sensor (MAF), we include a cast aluminum MAF housing that fits directly between the turbo inlet pipe and the intake tube. This housing features a fully machined internal diameter, which is absolutely necessary for consistent MAF readings. The diameter is a perfect match for the tune that is provided with the kit, offering OEM drivability. To finish off this beautiful cast piece, we machine the inlet/outlet hose connections and mount bosses, then powdercoat it black.

ie4504 ie45018

Silicone & cast charge pipe

Our kit includes a high flow cast turbo outlet pipe, which is a direct replacement for the factory piece, providing a smooth connection between the turbo and the intercooler. To keep hoses securely attached, the barbs on this unit are fully machined and the factory mount points are utilized to keep the pipe from moving.

To connect the turbo compressor inlet and outlet, we provide heavy duty reinforced black silicone couplers, which maintain the factory look. We have also opted for stainless steel, silicone-specific hose clamps, which keep hoses attached without damaging the silicone.




Oil/coolant lines

The IE EFR kit includes oil and coolant plumbing that has been designed for the specific application, with use of mandrel-bent hard lines and heat protection in critical areas. All necessary adapters and flanges are included to make plumbing a simple, plug-and-play task


The included downpipe is made from 3” stainless steel, which is mandrel bent and fabricated to directly fit the application. It incorporates a stainless steel flex section, which allows the exhaust to accept engine movement under normal operation. The downpipe has been designed to directly connect to the IE midpipe, which connects directly to the Milltek cat back exhaust, available separately. We use V band connections, which make for ease of installation, no leaks, and easy adaptation to other manufacturer’s cat back exhaust systems.

Wastegate bracket

To make the fitment of hardware components perfect, specific brackets and adapters have been designed. In order to use the internal wastegate on the EFR turbo, we offer an embossed stainless steel actuator bracket, which is designed to eliminate flex and maintain consistent boost control. This component was custom designed to fit within the space constraints on the 2.0T FSI engine.

ie4508 ie45017

Hardware, gaskets, etc

The IE kit is complete with all necessary mounting bolts, nuts, washers, and gaskets required to install the new turbo components. Several custom billet adapters are also included, which are used to plumb PCV system and oil lines to the turbo. A new set of spark plugs are included, which are necessary for the higher boost output of the EFR turbo.


In order to create a truly plug and play turbo kit, matching software is included to recalibrate the ECU to suit the added horsepower from the hardware upgrades. With the amount of design and engineering that went into the hardware portion of the kit, we decided it was necessary to take the same amount of care and time developing software developed for the specific kit. Our engineers completely reverse engineered the ECU, which gave them a starting point for developing software that not only supported the additional power, but also made the driving experience much more enjoyable than stock. With use of our in-house Dynapack DP42 dynamometer, the IE Golf R spent months of its life getting software developed, endurance tested, and drivability perfected.

Along with the support for the power of the EFR turbo, we have incorporated several other features in the software, such as a raised rev limiter, removed speed governor, increased throttle response, and increased operating efficiency. The tune that is offered with the 450T kit is designed for use with either 91 or 93 octane pump gasoline, with plans to develop an option for 100 octane in the future. With the base 450T kit, the internals of the block are at a maximum safe power level. Once the 100 octane file is available, we will be offering it for customers with built engines only.

All IE software is developed and tested at our Salt Lake City location. With hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters, our changing climate is great for testing software under different conditions. We are also able to test at varying altitudes due to our local geography.


Other required hardware

Although the turbo kit is fully inclusive, a few supporting modifications are also required. These are not included in the kit, as many customers will already have them installed on their car.

Supporting hardware required for installation:

-IE HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) -IE FDS Intercooler -IE midpipe or similar to mate with IE downpipe (IE mid pipe coming soon) -Aftermarket catback exhaust -IE Intake kit (IE intake kit coming soon) -Once 100 octane file is available, built engine will be required to match

IMG_9985Click image to see more about the IE HPFP FDS4

Click the image to see more about the IE FDS Performance Intercooler (now on pre-order)


Expected Release dates It is till too early to establish a firm release date, but the kit is expected to launch in late 2014 or early 2015.  Bookmark this page and re-visit often to check for more updates and future info.

84 thoughts on “First Look: Integrated Engineering's Golf R IE450T Turbo Kits”

  • Are there any plans to release this for the A4 B8 (longitudinal 2.0TSI)?

  • Hi

    How much for a set for golf 6 gti (is manual), wit stage 2 software, downpipe, intake, decat exhaust.
    Please advise.
    my car is not the Golf R but the 155kw 2012 golf 6 gti.


    • Integrated Engineering September 19, 2014 at 1:22 pm

      These are still in the works, so we do not have pricing yet available. Keep checking in, we will have more data as it becomes available!

  • Like what I see. Been holding off on a Stg 3 kit for my R. Was hoping there would be other good options out there besides really one if I held off long enough. This gives me hope.

  • Any details on how program switching will occur between 93 and 100 octane files? Additionally, have you considered additional features such as launch control or NLS?

    Excited to see more details on the kit (on-road videos, dyno plots etc), the upcoming intake release, and pricing details!

    • Integrated Engineering September 26, 2014 at 9:38 am

      Hi Zach,

      We do have a few things in the works for program switching and features such as launch control and NLS. These kits are still a couple months out from existing but I would expect these features to be available.

      Thanks for the interest in the kit, we are getting excited as well!

  • Willing B8 A4 guinea pig here...

    Do you guys have any prelim number/charts to share? Currently looking into a GTX2867 project and am very curious with this option as a possibility. Also curious how fast this will spool and the impact on top end in higher rpm's.

    How are the rods and internals holding up? Assuming this setup hits hard and fast, wondering if rods are a must have.

    Please let me know!

    • Integrated Engineering September 30, 2014 at 12:04 pm

      Hi Jerry,
      We do have plans to do a B8 kit in the future, although we already have a B8 development car and we don't need any other guniea pigs. We will have a ton of power graphs and maps out there when the kit is finished and for sale. The turbos spool very quickly, the idea behind this kit is to offer a very streetable yet very powerful turbo. Using Borg Warner EFR turbos allows us to offer a very easy to drive high powered car. We will release these kits with options for power levels determined by the tune. For stock engine cars, the tune will limit power and torque to safe levels. For customers with built short blocks, we will increase power levels to match. We will not release a bolt on kit that will blow up stock engines, however tuning options will exist for those who are wanting even more with built engines.

      Thanks for you interest!

      • Which turbo are you using in this kit? Since you claim over 500HP with internals, I'm assuming something bigger than the 6258? If so, would you consider offering a 6258 option for us AWD guys that can deal with the quicker torque onset? NA-like response is what I'm after... the lighter wheels, low friction bearings, and twin-scroll design of the EFR seems like the ticket to get there. I'm happy if I can get 400+ HP with water/meth. Any bigger and it's just a waste of low-end response, IMO.


  • I'm so happy to see that you a planning on building this out for the A4 B8. I just bought a 2010 6MT, and I am eager to get a long block version of your 2.0T and I can see this kit being a perfect fit! Assuming I go with your long block version of the 2.0T, mated to this kit, what sort of numbers are possible? 500HP at the wheels? What would be my next weakest link?

    I've been looking and contemplating putting a big turbo on mine in the upcoming spring, but was not looking forward to the slow spoolup. This will make it very streetable and still an absolute joy to drive!

    So very interesting in keeping an eye on this development. I'm in Ottawa, Canada, but would be quite happy to drive down there to have you do the full swap/install when the time is right.



  • Looking for this kit, for TT mk2 quattro 20TSi ?? any swap kit like this.

  • SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!! I want this :-(

  • Will there be another larger turbo option for built motors to go above 450chp? I was anticipating an option for more like 500hp on 93oct / 550-600hp+ on 100oct.

    Been looking forward to this for a good while, but my reasoning was to significantly past the APR GTX (Stg III+) offered power level (~400Whp / 450Chp), even though this kit still has a better turbo at the least.

    Will I be able to get a 500-600hp option for built motor on pump 93?

    • Integrated Engineering October 28, 2014 at 1:19 pm

      The 450T Golf R turbo kit is the entry level kit and is intended for stock internals. You can expect to see higher output versions of this kit for those who have a built bottom end (Rods or pistons) as well as incorporating our FSI/TSI intake manifold.

      So, in short, yes there will be higher HP versions. :)

      • Also just correcting myself: This IE 450T kit is 450aWhp, not 450Chp as I said comparing to the more typical GTX kit. So technically that's still in my area of power expectations without building the motor.
        Looking fwd to this very much. You guys are keeping me from trading this Golf-R in for a B8 S4.

  • How long time to wait the price?

    • Integrated Engineering November 5, 2014 at 4:13 pm

      The kit will be shipping in Spring 2015, the final price has not been established yet. We'll have a better idea on price in the coming months.

  • Audi A4 B8, A5 B8, Q5...

    Would be great to see this being built for the above models as well.

  • Still hold my breath on this. Seeing if it's worth keeping my R. I need more out of it I'm dying. Please release price asap so I know how badly my wife will kill me :) amazing stuff from IE always. Keep up the good work.

  • Will this bolt up to my VW CC 2.0T TSI currently K04'd? IE currently, or at least being shipped their way, has my head for repair and sport upgrade. This would be a nice addition down the road. Thanks!!

  • Looking forward to seeing what is developed for the Audi B8!

    • Integrated Engineering December 18, 2014 at 3:43 pm

      We're planning on starting development on that platform in the beginning of 2015. Keep checking back for updates!

  • […] That said, IE took the data they needed and by now have completed their trip.  The results should help them make some final improvements and finish development on their kit.  No definite release date was given, but you can expect it to be available early next year. You can learn more about kit development here. […]

  • I have the S3 fmic with a forge fmtc, hpfp upgrade, turbo outlet, TT DP, K04...and I want to know if there is going to be a turbo and mani available for the FSI? Would I need the IE-intake if I have the P-Flo? And, I would need a V-band downpipe correct?

    • Integrated Engineering December 31, 2014 at 12:21 pm

      Eventually we will offer a MK5 FSI 450T complete turbo kit but that probably won't happen until later in 2015. We aren't planning on offering the exhaust manifold separately, however. The intake will be available separately so customers who already one are not required to purchase another.

  • Is there any update on the release date or progression of the kit?

    • Integrated Engineering January 27, 2015 at 11:25 am

      It is coming along very well! No ETA right now, but we are getting very close, a lot of kit components are in the final stages now.

  • any update on the release of this kit yet? and do you have a ballpark price as yet?

    • Integrated Engineering January 27, 2015 at 11:24 am

      We are getting very close, we are still working on the few final parts and these will determine the final ETA and pricing.

  • On the HPFP, is the upgrade kit considered reliable compare to an APR HPFP? I am going to buy this kit when it comes out I am just concern about full pressure

    • Integrated Engineering February 2, 2015 at 10:19 am

      Our HPFPs have been very reliable so far! the IE HPFP will work great for our 450T turbo kit. We will also have a low pressure system that will be released in a few months that will be necessary for those looking to push past 450HP.

      Also, something worth pointing out is that our HPFP comes with a pretty stout warranty, especially on the assembled versions:

      - 6 Months from the day of purchase/Unlimited Miles for Unassembled Products

      - 18 Months from the day of purchase/Unlimited Miles for IE-Assembled Products

  • Why the kit don't work with the EFR blow-off? It is block, and use the original blow-off?

    • Integrated Engineering February 2, 2015 at 10:39 am

      The factory boost control unit is just a better solution. For one it's faster acting and it is controlled by the stock ECU. Removing it would result in losing functionality.

  • Will this kit work on the tsi? Got a 13 mk6 gti. Also would the hpfp still be needed? Thanx

    • Integrated Engineering February 4, 2015 at 3:57 pm

      Hey Tony,
      We are working on a MK6 TSI version of this kit as well. That kit will not need a HPFP. Expect to see it soon after the Golf R release.


  • Any ETA on release date?

  • A Question from your Aussie mates down under. Will the kit fit the right hand drive?

    • Integrated Engineering February 12, 2015 at 12:43 pm

      We have not yet confirmed right hand drive fitment yet, we do not have them in in our country so we will likely have to ship a RHD front half of a car over here for test fitment.

  • Will upgraded fuel injectors on a MK VI Golf R stage 3 car be part of this kit? If not included any reason or are they not needed at these power levels IE450 kit?

  • Hi Team,

    Just confirming that this kit will fit the S3 8P? I see no mention and i know many of us wait in anticipation too.

  • Hi

    With the right internals would this fit on a Golf Mk5 platform?

    • Integrated Engineering March 12, 2015 at 9:55 am

      Yes, eventually we will adapt this kit to MK5. At the moment we are working on MK6 and finishing up MK6 R... after those MK5 and Audi B8 will be next. You will certainly want to upgrade your internals to take advantage of the kits potential.

  • […] key. Here is another example of a VW EFR kit using a cast manifold, and modified actuator bracket. __________________ 1 track day > a whole summer of standing in parking lots Last […]

  • I want this kit, any updates on when it is going to be availale and how much the kit will be?

  • What is the the final call on the EFR turbo? and will there be at least one slightly larger turbo option?

    • Integrated Engineering June 23, 2015 at 11:53 am

      After TONS of research and testing in various situations, our engineers have concluded to use the EFR 6758 in twin scroll T4. The 6758 kicks a serious punch on the street on pump fuel. Way more responsive and only a little less power available on race fuel in comparison to the EFR 7163. If you must have 7163 though, that can be accommodated. We put about 5k miles on both before finally choosing. Both are massively more responsive then a Garret 30R or a PTE5858 etc.

  • When will pricing be released? I'm anxious.

  • Any updates on the pricing for this kit?

  • Any updates on a b8 a4/a5 2.0t tsi kit that was in development over the last year or two?

  • Any pricing yet?


  • hi will the apr hpfp work with the IE450t turbo kit? Appreicate your quick response. Thanks!

  • Hey guys, are you going to release a TSI version for the mk6 gtis?

    I am dying for a decent upgrade from a k04, but would like to stay away from apr's bt kits

    • Integrated Engineering July 22, 2015 at 2:34 pm

      Yes we are Paul, those kits are in the works right now. We are finalizing hardware and building out software for all the different ECU codes for the MK6 TSI engines.

  • Any word on pricing and international shipping? I'm in Botswana and would like to know how I would be able to get one and have reliable support from IE about installing and maintenance.

  • Hello I E Engineers,

    I bring you Greeting from the Bay area California (I reside In Oakland/ Berkeley). I am regular customer of Tomas Sport Tuning.

    I have been battling the Idea of K04 upgrade, versus a Big turbo ( GT287R/ GT30). I stumbled upon this kit today (yes I am late) because I was researching Twin Scroll Turbos for my 2007 B7 A4 FSI.

    I hear APR is developing one, I truly apologize for mentioning their name I did it only for purposes of comparison.

    My Question is this: Can this kit be used on my car? I know that there would have to be some fabrication for the downpipe. But will it work.

    If it does do you think I can use a file from GIAC as I currently have them as my ECU tuner. I really like my B7. And as I read more on the net what people are doing with them Its a truly remarkable platform.

    (Also most of my friend have V8 Camaros and Challengers and I'm tired of them talking shit!)
    (Esp when their car is only good in a straight line)

    I know this will not be cheap and I want to keep my STOCK INTERNALS. I know yours are far superior but I just don't wanna pay for that much work.

    CTS turbo gave me a quote on a K04 kit....But I want to be different and kick ass!

    Please let me know if this is possible. As I am ready to finally upgrade..the RIGHT way.

    Cheers and Thank yous,

    James Young

    • Integrated Engineering December 9, 2015 at 10:44 am

      Hello James,
      Unfortunately our IE450T kit will not fit on the longitudinal engine in your B7 A4, it can not clear the engine mount on the turbo side. Also, all of the turbo inlet and outlet piping as well as the MAF and downpipe are all transverse specific.


  • Anderson Brito Lira October 22, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    I have an Audi S3 8P 2012 EA113 engine with original K04-064 turbocharged power 256cv and would like to know if the hardware of this kit is in my vehicle and if we can develop the software for it. I saw that you guys already set up an Audi TTS with the same kit and got interested.

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