Wiseco 1.8T 20V Stroker Piston Set (83MM, 9:1 CR, 92.8MM Stroke)

Wiseco 1.8T 20V Stroker Piston Set (83MM, 9:1 CR, 92.8MM Stroke)


Item #: WIS-PVA1



Wiseco 2008CC Stroker Pistons
Wiseco forged Stroker pistons are designed to add displacement by increasing the bore and stroke of your engine block.  This increased displacement yields more power and torque on the same boost pressure, less chance of detonation at a given power level (Lower peak cylinder pressures), faster spool, and increased out of boost power levels.


2008cc 2.0L 92.8mm stoker pistons require modified 2.0L FSI forged crank shaft or 2.0L AEG crank shaft with 20mm wrist pin connecting rods such as Integrated Engineering h beam 144X20 or Integrated Engineering Tuscan I beam 144X20 connecting rods.

Wiseco Forged Pistons
For all VW/Audi 1.8T 20V turbo engines, these Wiseco pistons are produced in-house from dedicated forgings.  This results in a very light weight piston that retains high strength attributes.  This optimal design features specially designed valve pockets, complex dome and crown shapes, steel nitride/napier rings and optimized skirt profiles.  For use with 20mm wrist pin connecting rods such as Integrated Engineering h beam 144X20 or Integrated Engineering Tuscan I beam 144X20 connecting rods.

Included Wiseco wire locks and wrist pins
Included steel nitride/napier piston rings
No dish deburring or preperation needed
Individually prepared and inspected
Manufactured in the USA