VW / Audi Wiring Connector Pin 20-17awg(Female)

VW / Audi Wiring Connector Pin 20-17awg(Female)




These are extremely hard to find pins for most of the vw audi connectors. They will work in crank and cam sensor terminals, injector plugs, most sensor plugs, etc. They are for a 16-20awg gauge wire, and are to be crimped on. These are much better then the precrimped ones from the dealer because they do not require an extra solder or crimp joint to complete the connection, and they let you maintain your wire color all the way into the terminal instead of having the ends yellow like the OEM ones. We looked far and wide to finally source these for you and now we stock them for your convieniece.

Fits most vw audi connectors that use 20 to 17 gauge wire
Fits Junior Timer Style Connectors