Tial QR Recirculating Blowoff Valve

Tial QR Recirculating Blowoff Valve


Item #: TIAL-QR


The Tial BOV has always been one of the best performers on the market. The Tial valve is one of the few to combine a very reliable diaphragm with a low maintance, high flowing valve assembly. The other advantage to the Tial valve is that it has NO issues staying shut even at 40+ psi of boost. The valve does require a large vacuum source (1/4" hose is suggested) for proper, quick operation. This valve finally allows users who require a diverter valve rather then a blowoff valve to enjoy these advantages. This is the new recirculating QR bov, which will fit in place of your Q bov, using the same flange and clamp. They come standard with a 1.5" recirculation port, so it can easily be plumbed back in. One other nifty thing about this valve is that you can swap the bottom piece, and it is converted into a standard Q bov!

IE is a direct Tial Distributor, you can be assured these are all genuine pieces and the serial numbers on them can be traced back to Tial.