Supertech S42 / M42 / M50 / S50 / M52 / M54 Exhaust Valves +1mm (INCONEL)

Supertech S42 / M42 / M50 / S50 / M52 / M54 Exhaust Valves +1mm (INCONEL)


Item #: ST-BMW-BMEVI-1031S


This is a set of premium quality Supertech brand exhaust valves for your S42, M42, M50, S50, M52, or M54 head. Supertech valves are one piece forged, so they will not fall apart or split like a multipiece valve. Stainless valves are black nitrite finished, providing excellent surface hardness without decreasing core ductility. The stems are superfinished to 1/3 of the surface roughness of a regular valve. These valves are all back cut for maximum cylinder head flow rates, giving the best performance possible from your engine. If you are doing a simplerebuild, or the wildest project, there is a valve in the Supertech lineup that is perfect for you. At IE, we run these products in our own cars, and stock them here in Salt Lake City for the quickest shipping and the best possible customer service.


Sold as a set of 12 Valves
31.50 mm (+1.0mm) Head Diameter
High Temp Inconel 751 Alloy
Dished Head