Supertech Exhaust Valve Set Audi RS2 20V

Supertech Exhaust Valve Set Audi RS2 20V


Item #: ST-RS2-CONF


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Oversized valve option
Supertech Valves are available in either stock replacement standard size, 0.5mm, or +1.5mm oversized valve head diameter.  Oversized valves have a larger skirt area, providing increased flow at a lower lift. Oversized valves require extra machine work to the cylinder head.



Inconel Exhaust Valves
Inconel exhaust valves offer far superior reliabilty to OEM style stainless sodium filled exhaust valves which often crumble into the cylinder.  Inconel alloy material is a large upgrade over traditional stainless steel valves due to its extremely high heat resistance.  Highly recommended for use as exhaust valves in engines that reach very high temperatures such as turbocharged and supercharged applications.




Stainless Steel Exhaust Valves
All Supertech stainless steel valves begin with a one piece forging, the valve head undergos a two step forging process for excellent material grain flow. Each valve is then CNC machined to ensure exact final dimensions.  Next, another heat treatment and nitride hardening treatment for final stress relieving to ensure valve strength. The valve recieves one final grinding, followed by Supertech's patented Superfinishing of the entire surface. This ensures each valve is free of any imperfections and the dimensions are precise.

Black Nitride Coating
Supertech's Black Nitride Coating is a hardening treatment adhered to the base material at a microscopic level.  The microhardness is higher than the underlying stainless steel material, this keeps excellent ductility throughout the entire valve.  Surface finish is smoother causing less friction between stem and guide, while the valve seat surface resulting in longer lasting valve head/seat interface.  The Nitride coating is a perfect match for any kind of valve seat such as nodular iron seats, steel powder metal seats, hard aluminum-copper seats or beryllium copper seats.  The Black Nitride anti-friction properties combat internal power loss due to valve-guide friction at higher engine speeds. 



  • Fits Audi RS2 Engines
  • Complete set of ten Supertech exhaust valves
  • Available in standard or standard size, 0.5mm, or +1.5mm oversized
  • Included Black Nitride Coating  on stainless steel valves
  • Hardened valve tip
  • Undercut valve stem