Supertech 16V Valve Spring and Retainer Kit

Supertech 16V Valve Spring and Retainer Kit


Item #: ST-16V-SPRK-V2091/4


This is a set of Supertech Valve springs for the VW / Audi 9A, KL, and ABF 16V engines They feature super clean chrome silicon vanadium steel alloy and are designed not only with high performance, but also durability in mind. The engineers at Supertech work carefully to provide maximum lift ratings and sensible seat pressures without compromising durability. Care is taken to ensure that the harmonics which may be encountered are under control and the spring is not operating at a frequency which will cause failure. Each set is matched with high quality titanium retainers.


Double Springs used all around
86lb seat pressure @ 31.75mm
214 lbs @ 11.50mm Lift
12.75mm Max Lift
Kit comes with 16 Titanium Retainers