Siemens Deka 212lb/hr 2200CC- Low Impedance

Siemens Deka 212lb/hr 2200CC- Low Impedance


Item #: FUSM212


These are very reliable, Siemens 2200CC injectors. They are an exceptionally high quality injector that works well even with extremely high fuel pressures, and feature a narrow angle spray pattern and good atomization. These are a great option for high power engines using alternate fuels like E85. They work great with gasoline as well.


Low Impedance
Narrow angle spray pattern
High quality Siemens Deka Injector works good even with high pressure
Excellent for HIGH HP engines with standalone ECUs
Flows 212lb/hr or 2200cc / min @ 43.5psi fuel pressure.

This is for ONE injector, so purchase as many as you need!