Schrick Camshaft set for 1.8T 20V Engines

Schrick Camshaft set for 1.8T 20V Engines


Item #: SCH-18T-252-260


Schrick is a German performance cam manufacturer specializing in quality camshaft engineering. This camshaft set is best used on larger turbo engines tuned for mid to top-end power. In order to maximize the power available within your best power range you need to change the camshafts to match your turbo charger. Installing higher lift/longer duration cams improves engine breathing at higher RPM ranges where the turbo is flowing at its highest. By opening the valves faster and for longer periods of time, along with proper fuel and timing you can gain a large horsepower increase. Schrick cams are direct replacements for the stock cams and drop-in with no additional modification or parts required.


252 Intake Camshaft 
Duration: 252 degrees 
Lobe centers: 110 degree 
Lift: 8.2 mm 
Lift at tdc: 0.8 mm 

260 Exhaust Camshaft 
Duration: 260 degrees 
Lobe centers: 114 degree 
Lift: 10.4 mm 
Lift at tdc: 0.70 mm