JE Custom Piston Set for BMW S54 Engines

JE Custom Piston Set for BMW S54 Engines


Item #: JE-PBE1


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This is a custom set of forged JE pistons for the BMW S54B32 engines, made to your specifications. JE is the industry leader in forged racing pistons, seen in many racing applications including Nascar. These pistons are made from JE's 2618 alloy, which is much stronger than the 4032 alloy commonly found in forged pistons. JE also offers the shortest lead time on custom pistons. There is several options available for bore, stroke, compression ratio, and additional features. These pistons all come standard with 21MM wrist pins, which can be used with Integrated Engineering 140x21MM connecting rods.

Tips on choosing piston options:

Compression ratio
Lower compression ratios are recommended for higher boost applications. When using a middle sized turbo on a street car, compression ratios around 9.0:1 are recommended. Anything above 9.5:1 is for naturally aspirated use only. For high performance naturally aspirated builds, 11.5-12.5:1 is recommended, but please note that race gas will be required for anything above 11.5:1.

Factory bore on the S54 engine is 87MM. Increasing the bore will increase displacement, thus increasing power. Boring the engine out is always recommended. If you start with the maximum bore, you will not be able to remachine the block if any damage is caused to the cylinder walls.

The factory stroke of the S54 engines is 91MM. There are no options to stroke them any further currently, so no stroker pistons are offered.

Tool Steel Wrist Pins
The tool steel wrist pin option is to upgrade from the standard mild steel pins, to JE's thick wall tool steel wrist pins. They are recommended for ~600+ WHP.

There is two coating options that we offer with the JE pistons- Thermal Barrier Crown, and Tuff Skirt. The Thermal Barrier crown coating is applied to the top of the piston, and is designed to keep heat out of the piston, and deflect it into the combustion chamber. This will increase exhaust gas velocity, as well as extend piston life. The Tuff Skirt coating is an anti-friction coating applied to the skirt of the piston. This coating will help reduce wear on skirts and cylinder walls.

Rod Fitment
These pistons are build around the IE 140X21MM Tuscan connecting rods, which are 1MM longer than the factory rods. These pistons cannot be used with factory-length 139MM rods.

All pistons include rings, wrist pins, and wire locks.
Pistons take 2-3 weeks for manufacturing, and another 1-2 weeks with coatings.

All sales on custom pistons are final, no returns will be accepted. Please contact us before purchasing with any questions!