IE DIY Intake Manifold Kit For 4 Cylinder Engines

IE DIY Intake Manifold Kit For 4 Cylinder Engines




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This Integrated Engineering DIY intake manifold kit for 4 cylinder engines with 88mm port spacing has been engineered to provide market leading performance and features.

The manifold plenum features a unique modular design with a symmetrical plenum that allows placement of the throttle body on either side of the engine.  The plenum has been very carefully optimized to distribute airflow evenly to all 4 cylinders regardless of the loading conditions. The plenum has been generously sized to ensure maximum cylinder charge at high RPM.  Each manifold plenum is cast, machined, inspected and packed all in the USA. The plenums are cast from a special self aging, self hardening alloy with especially strict requirements for chemical composition. Top of the line Japanese machining centers machine all major surfaces of the parts in one setup, ensuring perfect fit, finish, and maximum value.

The Integrated Engineering billet plenum flange is designed as a perfect fit solution for both the plenum and welding custom runners using RMR oval tube.  CNC'd in house from one solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum, the plenum flange is tuned for medium to high RPM power.  Carefully designed and flow tested velocity stacks deliver more air to the cylinder than any other manifold design on the market.  


  • Tuned for excellent mid range and top end power 
  • Optimized bellmouth inlets create maximum power at all RPM ranges
  • Modular design allows throttle placement on either side of the engine
  • Thick wall cast construction for durability
  • 100% engineered, designed, CNC'd, & cast in USA


Included with kit:

  • Cast intake manifold plenum
  • Billet intake manifold flange
  • Plenum to lower manifold gasket
  • Plenum to lower manifold install hardware

Additional DIY Manifold Parts:

IEDIYVC1   2.0T FSI billet intake manifold flange
IEDIYVC3   2.0T FSI billet intake manifold flange W/ direct injection
IEDIYVU1   Billet Plenum manifold flange
IEDIYUU7   Billet vacuum manifold kit for cast plenum
IEBAUU13   IE micro vacuum manifold
IEDIYUU11   Billet 14mm fuel injector bungs
RMR-TUBING-OVAL   RMR oval tubing