IE CNC Ported 2.5L I5 Cylinder Head (ASSEMBLED)

IE CNC Ported 2.5L I5 Cylinder Head (ASSEMBLED)




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Integrated Engineering is pleased to present our completely remanufactured CNC ported cylinder head for VW 2.5L  I5.

This Integrated Engineering VW 2.5L I5 CNC ported cylinder head is complete and ready to install.  You will receive the head fully assembled with Ferrea oversized valves, Integrated Engineering valve spring & titanium retainer kit, Integrated Engineering performance valve seals, intake valve seats, and Intergated Engineering valve guides.

The Integrated Engineering CNC Ported cylinder head provides large power gains from the middle of the power band all the way to redline. Large airflow increases are obtained by a combination of changing the port shape via CNC porting and re-cutting the valve seat geometry. We worked closely with an industry expert who has over 30 years of OEM and professional motorsport experience to deliver these results. Street drivability was preserved by careful development that does not sacrifice torque and airflow velocity.


As the flow table above shows, the Integrated Engineering ported cylinder head increases flow up to 293 CFM on the intake side (versus 230 stock port) and 198 CFM (versus 158 stock port) on the exhaust side. This results in a flatter and longer powerband that will take your 2.5L I5 engine to another level whether on the street, drag strip, or road course.

From the outside of the head all the way through, our ported head delivers performance. The intake and exhaust ports are masterfully crafted to deliver maximum airflow without sacrificing torque. Our proprietary LiftMAX valve job was specifically developed for the unique conditions found in a VW / Audi engine. It gets the most airflow from the small valve lifts and bore sizes which are unique to these engines. These incredible gains are only possible through the combined efforts of modifying both the ports and the valve seat geometry.


The end result is the best performing 2.5L I5 cylinder head on the market. Our CNC ported cylinder head offers the maximum power increase at an incredible value. You will not find another head on market that includes all the features and extensive machine work found in this cylinder head. Continue reading below to learn more about these design features.


Highlighted Features

LiftMAX Valve Job
Integrated Engineering’s LiftMAX valve job is designed to extract the most power and flow from our CNC port design. The LiftMAX valve job accounts for application specific factors such as small cylinder bores and relatively low lift camshaft profiles. Placing a strong emphasis on the valve job is essential to get the most out of any CNC port before air enters the combustion chamber.

Complete Remanufacturing Process
When it comes to performance cylinder heads, a complete remanufacturing process is the only acceptable method. Integrated Engineering does this by completely stripping the cylinder head, unplugging and then purging all oil galleys, and removing valve guides prior to CNC porting. After the porting process we install new Integrated Engineering guides, skim cut the cylinder head deck surface to ensure a perfect head gasket seal, recut the valve seats for Ferrea racing valves, and then perform a final quality control inspection.  

Valves (Available separately or in assembled head)
The stock valves found in the 2.5L cylinder head were not designed to withstand the punishment of larger power setups and are a common failure point. OEM valves can split and the valve head can separate from the valve stem. To solve this problem we incorporate fully forged Ferrea oversized valves. By using oversized valves, and re-cutting the valve seats, we can ensure that the valve install heights are correct.  Valves included in assembled head

During the development process we determined that using the OEM valve guides would not be sufficient. When remanufacturing a cylinder head it is extremely important that valve guides are replaced. By porting a head with OEM valve guides installed the overall length of the guide is shortened which results in valve stability issues and increased wear on both the valve seat and the guide itself. To remedy this, Integrated Engineering installs new guides after the porting process.
Integrated Engineering guides feature a proprietary alloy which improves wear resistance and heat transfer from the valve to the cylinder head. These two factors result in increased longevity of your valvetrain components, as well as decreased knock and more power.

Springs and Retainers 
In high RPM applications, stock valve springs are simply too soft and may result in valve float and misfire issues. By upgrading to an Integrated Engineering spring and titanium retainer kit these issues will be eliminated. Integrated Engineering valve springs are the best available and are wound from ovate wire which reduces stress levels in the spring. Our spring and retainer kit resolves rockers arm and retainer clearance issues, which are very common in this application. Valve spring & retainers included in assembled head

Intake Valve Seats
To get the most out of this cylinder head changing the intake valve seats was a must. By doing so we were able to increase the intake valve size by 2.55mm over stock.


Core information

We require a good usable core head to be sent in for porting or a new core to be purchased. If sending in a core head for machining, use our inspection and exchange form found HERE to confirm that it is usable and for instructions to ship the core to us.


What kind of gains will I see with this CNC ported head? How will it affect my driving experience?
---Gains will vary with each setup, although gains are primarily in the higher RPM range. Power gains are typically higher on engines with larger turbos and larger camshafts installed. You will immediately notice the power no longer “dropping off” as RPMs increase, pulling much harder until redline.

Why CNC porting instead of hand porting?
--- This head porting program incorporates far more research and development than is possible in a one off, custom hand porting project. CNC cylinder head porting also offers repeatability and consistency that is nearly impossible to achieve when porting by hand. The end result is more consistent flow between cylinders.

What changes will need to be made to my software?
---Although many aftermarket files can self-adapt to changes, custom tuning may be required, as airflow is increased greatly at high RPMS.  Please contact your tuner for more information.

Can I use other valves than Ferrea +1mm with your cylinder head?
--- No. Because our LiftMAX valve job was designed specifically around these valves you must use them. Ferrea has over 30 years of motorsports experience; you will not be disappointed.

How important is a performance valve job?
--- Extremely. Many of the gains achieved through the CNC port design would not be fully realized without a professionally done valve job.

Do you ship assembled heads with camshafts installed?
---We only ship cams installed when a customer is ordering a full long block (complete engine). This is to prevent damage to valves that may be extended past the deck surface.

Will this head fit my car?
---This head will fit all 2.5L I5 engines found in many VW vehicles from 2006+