IE 06A 1.8T Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Kit

IE 06A 1.8T Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Kit




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Integrated Engineering is proud to introduce our 1.8T mechanical timing belt tensioner kit. We went the extra mile to engineer a billet idler bracket to maintain plenty of belt wrap on your crank pulley. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the belt which leads to premature belt failure. The manual tensioner is a great upgrade from the faulty OEM gas-charged tensioner. The manual tensioner will keep tension on the timing belt, and wont lose pressure like the OEM tensioners do.The billet idler bracket is made right here in house, to ensure a perfect product. It features roll formed threads for added strength.

Many stages are available, check the graph below to choose the best stage for your manual tensioner timing belt kit.  


Fits late 06A 1.8T engines only!

These are block specific, not head specific. All 058 and 06A 1.8T heads are the same for tensioner mounting.

Click the Media tab to view a how to video on the proper timing belt tension technique used when installing a 1.8T manual tensioner timing belt kit.