IE Stage 1 N/A ECU Eprom for 1996-Early 1999 OBD2 12V VR6

IE Stage 1 N/A ECU Eprom for 1996-Early 1999 OBD2 12V VR6


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Integrated Engineering has become well known for attention to detail, high quality, and perfect fitment of performance hardware and engine products that we offer. To complement our quality products, we have developed a line of performance software, which incorporates the same attention to detail and enables IE to offer a complete performance package. Our engineers start by completely reverse engineering each specific ECU, which is used to then develop performance software for that application. With use of our in-house Dynapack DP42 dynamometer, we are able to do repeated runs to test each change that is made to the software and confirm drivability.


Although ECU recalibration is used to increase the power output from the engine, we also focus on increasing the all-around drivability. That is to not only provide more horsepower and torque, but make the driving experience more enjoyable by removing rev hang, increasing throttle response, and increasing the rev limiter. We also adjust each file to run as economically as possible, dialing in air/fuel ratios to exactly where they need to be. With an Integrated Engineering performance ECU flash, it is common to see increased fuel economy under cruising and part-throttle driving.


The stage 1 performance flash for MK3 AAA 12V VR6 OBD2 engines is designed for people with a completely stock engine, looking for a cost-effective easy power increase. With this software and an IE cold air intake kit, power output is increased to 190 FT/LBS and 190 HP. With such a significant power increase, it makes the vehicle much more enjoyable to drive, with plenty of power available until redline. This specific flash also has the rev limiter increased to a 6800RPM, which is a perfect match for the powerband and the OEM engine internals.  



Power increased to 190 HP and 190 FT/LBS

Improved throttle response

Rev limiter increased to 6800RPM

Fuel economy increased during cruising and part throttle driving

Idle increased to 800RPM

Tuned for use with 91 or 93 octane gasoline

Required hardware:

No hardware upgrade is required, but IE CAI is highly recommended for best results.


1996-1998 VW Golf, Jetta, Passat VR6 OBD2

Flashing Procedure

Simply open ECU and remove old chip. Install IE chip, reassemble ECU, and enjoy your power increase.