IE Audi R8 Performance Tune | 4.2L V8

IE Audi R8 Performance Tune | 4.2L V8


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Adding the IE performance tune to your 4.2L R8 will deliver power gains of 18 HP and 21 FT-LBS while keeping reliablity and drivablity in mind. Awaken your supercar's full engine potential in minutes!



    • Horse power & torque increase
    • Improved throttle response
    • Left foot breaking enabled
    • Increased Rev limiter to 8000RPM (manual trans cars only)
    • Remove Top Speed limiter
    • Complete motorsport tune ECU recalibration
    • Requires no additional hardware support





      • Stage 1 tune
        IE STAGE 1 TUNE

        The IE Stage 1 R8 V8 performance flash delivers an aggressive power upgrade without having to install any hardware modifications, keeping all OE systems installed.  With plenty of additional power now available instantaneously, the vehilcle will be much more enjoyabel to drive with a masisve boost in performance.

      • increased power

        IE performance software delivers horsepower and torque increases across the entire powerband. IE engineers have fully optimized every aspect of the factory ECU mapping, this produces a tune that retains all factory like driving and safety protocols when needed, and an intense surge of power when you want it.

      • dyno optimized

        After completely reverse engineering the factory ECU, our engineers use our in-house Dynapack DP42 dynamometer to perform repeated runs to test each change that is made to the software and confirm drivability in any situation.

      • removed speed limiter

        The factory ECU speed limiter has been removed to make sure the increased power and torque can be used to its full potential on straightaways and drag strips.

        increased rev limit

        With the significant power increase, the rev limiter is also increased to allow a wider powerband on all IE R8 files. By increasing the rev limit, you gain a perfect match for the increased performance available from your new IE perfomance software tune.

      • improved throttle response

        One of the largest impacts of the new ECU tune is the increased responsive feel of the throttle pedal. IE engineers have carefully adjusted the throttle sensitivity, offering a more connected feeling to your car with plenty of power available right beneath your foot.

      • optimized fueling

        R8 tunes have been adjusted to run as economically as possible, dialing in air/fuel ratios to exactly where they need to be. With an IE performance ECU flash, it is common to see increased fuel economy under cruising and part-throttle driving


IE offers two options to deliver the software to your Audi R8. Read below to explore each option and choose the best that meets your needs. 

The Integrated Engineering PowerLINK V2 tuning cable allows easy ECU programming from the comfort of your garage. This OBD plug-in device is easy-to-use with a Windows powered laptop to read and write files from your ECU.  With the ability to flash multiple files, you can easily recalibrate the ECU for different octane settings or boost levels. The PowerLINK V2 cable is also capable of reading and clearing diagnostic codes as well as allowing the car to be flashed back to stock with the stock file that it pulls from the ECU on the first read.  

Adding this cable allows total control over your ECU’s engine calibration. You will be able to quickly (5-10 minutes) switch between calibrations. These are not partial calibrations changing just a few settings, but rather complete calibrations for each octane / boost. It also allows further collaboration updates from IE, as files can be exchanged via the internet, rather then relying on a 3rd party installation shop. (IE PowerLink is an additional $74.99 if purchased with software, regular price is $149.99)

While we are developing our world wide software delivery service, currently the only available delivery system for this software is our drive-in service. To upgrade the software, we require the vehicle at our physical location in Salt Lake City, Utah. This process will be completed in as short as a couple hours. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the flashing procedure for your specific vehicle or to set an appointment. 

Drive-in service process overview:

  • -Call customer service to place your order at 801-484-2021
  • -Deliver the vehicle to our business location in Salt Lake City, Utah 
  • -Once received, the vehicle will be upgraded to the software of choice and returned