IE MK5/MK6 TSI (Chain-Driven) 2.0T Intake Manifold Install Kit

IE MK5/MK6 TSI (Chain-Driven) 2.0T Intake Manifold Install Kit


Item #: IEIMVC7


Designed specifically for each individual application, IE intake manifold install kits are complete with all hardware necessary to install your new IE 2.0T cast intake manifold. This kit is designed for the MK6 TSI engines (chain-drive only, not Golf R), including all brackets to fasten OEM lines and components, as well as couplers to plumb the valve cover breather, throttle body pipe, and vacuum connections. We also include a barbed fitting to be used for plumbing a boost gauge, as well as a plug to block off the port if not needed. 

This is the necessary kit to complete the installation of the IE intake manifold on your MK5/MK6 2.0T TSI.  Only sold complete with all parts.


-4 ply black silicone throttle body hose with clamps
-4 ply black silicone breather hose with clamps
-Coolant pipe bracket with hardware
-Dipstick mounting hardware
-Diverter valve mounting hardware
-IAT sensor hardware
-Fuel line mount hardware
-Barbed fittings for vacuum connections
-Vacuum hose with clamps for OEM vacuum connections
-EVAP adapter fitting

MK5/MK6 2.0T TSI (chain-drive only)