IE 12V VR6 Sport Series Assembled Cylinder Head

IE 12V VR6 Sport Series Assembled Cylinder Head


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aaaheadSport Series Cylinder Heads
The Integrated Engineering Sport Series of engine blocks, cylinder heads, and complete engines are designed to make meeting your performance goals hassle free, more enjoyable and easily attainable. The IE Sport Series cylinder heads come complete with all machine work completed and assembled with new valvetrain, ready to increase horsepower as well as support higher RPM levels. We have designed these with factory drivability in mind, taking care to build them with the proper components to offer smooth, quiet operation and the longevity you would expect from a brand new engine. As power levels increase over the course of your project, you can count on your Sport Series engine components to function reliably for years. 

Installed Components

Springs and Retainers
In high RPM applications, stock valve springs are simply too soft and may result in valve float and misfire issues. By upgrading to an Integrated Engineering spring and titanium retainer kit these issues will be eliminated. Integrated Engineering valve springs are wound from the highest quality ovate wire available, which reduces stress levels in the spring, while increasing spring rates. By installing lightweight titanium retainers, valvetrain mass is reduced, further reducing the risk of valve float associated with increasing the rev limit of the engine. Our spring and retainer kit resolves rockers arm and retainer clearance issues, which are very common in this application.


Integrated Engineering guides are CNC machined from a proprietary alloy which improves wear resistance and heat transfer from the valve to the cylinder head. These two factors result in increased longevity of your valvetrain components, as well as decreased knock and more power. With the internal clearance reamed to exact tolerances after installation, our guides are sure to last for long periods of time with minimal wear from standard operation.


Stock valves found in the cylinder head were not designed to withstand the punishment of larger power setups and are a common failure point. Stock valves are known to disintegrate, allowing the heads to come off and destroy the engine internally. This is due to the stems being hollow and filled with sodium. To solve this problem, we incorporate forged one-piece Ferrea valves, which are solid instead of sodium filled. We use +1mm head valves, which increase flow while allowing the valve seats to be cut in a new area, which allows factory install heights to remain unchanged.


With each assembled cylinder head, we install a set of our performance valve stem seals. As with the factory configuration, polyacrylic seals are used for the intake side. The exhaust seals need special attention due to the added heat from higher horsepower and RPM levels, so viton seals are used in place of the poly seals, which are much more heat resistant and less likely to become brittle over and fail after thousands of miles.

We retain the standard triple-groove valve/keeper setup, which we have found to be effective for high RPM use. Each cylinder head is assembled with a new set of valve keepers.


Precision Assembly


Machine Work
Performance components are only half the battle when it comes to properly building a performance cylinder head, the other half is precision machine work. Our cylinder heads are built with the same level of care as the rest of our race engines, with every critical dimension measured before shipping.   

Before we begin to disassemble the cylinder head for machining, we perform a multi-point inspection on each core head. Inspection points include, but are not limited to:

-Check cam journals for excessive wear
-Check combustionrigh chambers for damage
-Check all threaded holes and studs for stripping or damage
-Check flatness of deck surface, including dents
-Check intake and exhaust manifold flange area
-Check valve seats for damage
-Check for signs of previous machining
-Check lifter bores for damage
-Confirm that cam cover is original to head

Before beginning the machining process, we clean each head by soaking in a hot solvent tank and/or soda blasting, depending on severity.

Valve guides
We remove the original valve guides in your cylinder head, then press a set of new IE guides in their place. They are then reamed to the correct inside diameters to match the valves that are used, ensuring that the exhaust valves have the additional clearance that is necessary.

Valve job
To get the most flow from the standard ports, we perform a multi-angle valve job, matching the Ferrea +1mm valves flawlessly. With multiple angles cut into the valve seat, the transition from the port into the combustion chamber becomes smoother, allowing the air to flow more freely. With small changes in the valve job angles, significant flow gains can be measured, enough to effectively increase the horsepower of the engine.

Cylinder Head Cores
Integrated Engineering offers two options for cores, the most economical being to ship your cylinder head to our facility where it will undergo our remanufacturing process and returned upon completion. The second option is to purchase a corecylinder head from us. Both of these options are available in the drop down menus at the top of the page.