IE 1.8T High Flow Head Kits

IE 1.8T High Flow Head Kits


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Integrated Engineering's IECVA1 & IECVA2 camshaft sets are currently back-ordered and unavailable for purchase. Although this product has not been discontinued, there is no ETA for re-stock at this time. If you have any questions or would like to be added to a re-stock alert list, please contact us by emailing 

Ready to get the most out of your 1.8T? As these engines are modified with aftermarket turbos, it is necessary to give the valve train an upgrade to allow you to rev the engine higher and make as much power as possible with the larger turbo. For just this purpose IE has assembled these exclusive High Flow Head Kits around our dyno proven, CNC machined camshafts. To cater to our customers, these kits were put together to include the essential parts for a valve train upgrade at a discounted kit price: save $50 with the basic kit or $100 with the ultimate kit! Whether you are looking for street/strip or street cams, standard or +1mm valves... we've got all the options covered between our basic and ultimate kits. For more information on individual components of the kit, scroll down!

Basic kit includes:
- Choice of IE 1.8T street/strip or street camshaft set
- IE 1.8T valve spring/retainer kit
- 8 IE 6mm exhaust valve stem seals
- 12 IE 6mm intake valve stem seals
- 1.8T timing tensioner tool kit


Ultimate includes:
- Choice of IE 1.8T street/strip or street camshaft set
- IE 1.8T valve spring/retainer kit
- 8 IE 6mm exhaust valve stem seals
- 12 IE 6mm intake valve stem seals
- 1.8T timing tensioner tool kit
20 IE valve guides
- Ferrea intake valve set (choice of standard or +1mm oversized)
- Ferrea exhaust valve set (choice of standard or +1mm oversized)

IE Camshaft Sets

The IE camshafts feature new proprietary cam profiles and center lines.  These new grinds result in further increased performance, cleaner idle properties, and a more linear power band. These camshafts are the only sets on the market designed by engineers who truly specialize in the 1.8T application.  As a result, they are much more finely tuned to the specific needs of these engines and produce extrordinary results.  They are CNC ground to exacting standards from camshaft profile data exclusive to IE and designed by our engineering staff.  By eliminating the troublesome internal adjusters, and incorperating OE style timing marks, we have not only made these camshafts reliable, but also very simple to install.  

CNC ground on new chill hardened cores
Dialed in via extensive engine dyno testing
For OE style hydraulic lifter buckets
Simple Install using OE timing marks

The IE street/strip camshafts are an aggressive setup intended for turbocharged applications using turbochargers in the 500-850bhp size range. Gains of 100+ HP on large turbo setups and strong power from 5500 to 8500 rpm can be expected.

The IE street camshafts are a strong setup intended for turbocharged applications using turbochargers in the 400-650bhp size range or when a closer to factory idle is required. Gains of 60+ HP on large turbo setups and strong power from 4500 to 8000 rpm can be expected.

IE Valve Spring/Retainer Kit


The IE valve spring/retainer kit features spring rates which are optimized to match your vehicle specifications and provide proper valve control even under high revving applications. Increasing an engines power output often comes with modifications that require more RPMs to get the most out of it, such as larger turbochargers, tuned intake manifolds and bigger cams. Upgrading those components without changing out the valve springs can leave you with a short power band or cause valve float and other significant damage.

Our kits are designed alongside with our camshafts to make them a perfect match. They are the only spring and retainer kits on the market designed by someone with a working knowledge of the camshafts in these engines, and what the spring requirements actually are.

Manufactured out of the best spring wire in the world, IE valve springs use a patented multi stage shot peening process that further reduces failure rates. Our titanium retainers are machined with an excellent surface finish and tight tolerance control for a long lifespan. Each application is thoroughly tested to perform on these engines right here in our test facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our spring and retainer kits are the best matched, most tested parts on the market.

Kit includes:
12 Precision wound intake valve springs 
8 Precision wound dual exhaust valve springs
12 Titanium intake retainers
8 Titanium exhaust retainers

Engineered, designed, and manufactured in USA
Nan-peened for long life
Retainers machined to exacting tolerances

IE Valve Guides


Our valve guides are made from a specialized alloy on our in house CNC lathe with ultra high concentricity for exact valve placement and precise dimensions. Using a proprietary bronze alloy results in faster heat dissipation where thermal conductivity is increased by 10% and extends valve life, guide life, and cylinder head component life. For added performance, these valve guides have been designed with an aerodynamic tip designed to cut down on airflow restrictions in the valve port.

In house CNC machined
Proprietory bronze alloy
Increased heat dissipation
Increased valve train life
Aerodynamic flow design          

Ferrea Performance Valves


This kit uses state-of-the-art Ferrea valves. Developed through the brands involvement in a variety of racing platforms, Ferrea have mastered reliable, high quality valves. The
intake valves are a Competition Plus grade valve manufactured from EV8-Z18 and other aerospace grade alloys of high tensile strength. Ferrea’s exclusive two-step slow forging process guarantees proper grain flow and virtually eliminates any chance of damage to the material structure. Each valve is also heat treated and stress relieved, a crucial base of molecular integrity. The competition plus valves also feature avionics-quality hard chrome along with a specially applied hard tip. The super alloy exhaust valves are ready to handle the extreme heat and punishment of today's race engines. Put through the same conditioning as the intake valves, these valves are precision CNC machined and put through rigorous quality control.  

IE Valve Seals & Timing Tensioner Tool Kit


Integrated Engineering's own intake valve stem seals are manufactured from high quality polyacrylic. Our exhaust valve stem seals are manufactured from high quality Viton, which is more resistant to the heat that the exhaust valves see, working well to reduce cracking and breaking over time. The included 1.8T timing tensioner tool kit makes removing timing components and compressing tensioners hassle free. The kit includes tools needed to compress the cam chain tensioner and also to compress the hydraulic timing belt tensioner as well as a pin to lock the belt tensioner when it is being removed. This makes the cam installation process much easier, eliminating need for any other special timing tools.