Ferrea Exhaust Valve Set 1.8T (Super Alloy)

Ferrea Exhaust Valve Set 1.8T (Super Alloy)


Item #: FER-18T-EX-CONF


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Oversized valve option
Ferrea Valves are available in either stock replacement standard size, or +1mm oversized valve head diameter.  Oversized valves have a larger skirt area, providing increased flow at a lower lift.  Oversized valves require extra machine work to the cylinder head.



Ferrea Valves
Ferrea uses the latest technological advances gained through the development and experience in Formula 1, Indy Car, NASCAR, Sprint Car, Drag and Road racing. This technology allows Ferrea to provide the highest level of reliability in performance valves.  Every Ferrea valve implements these race proven high quality designs for all categories of racing.

FERREA OVERSIZEDsmall endsFerrea Grooves

Super Alloy
Super Alloy engine valves represent the highest level of sophistication in todays valve technology.  Designed to handle extreme heat requirements and punishment of today's race fuels, turbocharged, supercharged, nitrous oxide, and high horsepower race engines.   Every valve undergos an extensive heat treatment and stress-relieving process to ensure molecular integrity and prolong the valve life. Each vave is then meticulously machined in precision CNC machining centers where it must pass extensive quality control procedures.


  • Fits all 1.8T 20V Engines
  • Complete set of eight Ferrea exhaust Valves
  • Available in standard or +1mm oversized
  • Computer Optimized Design
  • Dimensionally Inspected