Cometic VW K03/K04 Inlet Gasket

Cometic VW K03/K04 Inlet Gasket


Item #: COM-K03GSK


This product is for the individual who demands perfection from their vehicle. It totally solves the problem of those persistant blown K03 and K04 3 bolt inlet gaskets, which are one of the very common failures on 1.8t engines. We know you want nothing but perfection, and lots of trouble free service, so we work with Cometic to have these gaskets made from the highest quality materials, here in the U.S.A. , rather then going overseas with them. It may cost a few bucks more, but this way we can be sure they are top quality.

For 150/180hp 1.8T K03/K04 turbos, will NOT fit 225hp 1.8T or 2.7T V6 motors!

This is for ONE gasket!