Brad Penn Part Synthetic 10W-40 Oil

Brad Penn Part Synthetic 10W-40 Oil


Item #: BP-1040-CONF


Integrated Engineering is proud to offer products from the Brad Penn Grade 1 Performance Oil line.
Brad Penn 10W-40 Partial Synthetic Racing Oil is specifically formulated with select additives to meet the high demands of high performance engines. With the use of high levels of detergents, Brad Penn racing oils provide superior protection against bearing corrosion and deposit build up on pistons in both turbocharged and non-turbocharged engines. This oil provides added protection against heavily loaded engines such as high horsepower turbocharged engines. The partial synthetic composition of this oil increases the protection at high and low temperature extremes.

Partial synthetic composition
High protection against build up
Perfect for high horsepower race engines
Increased protection at high and low temperatures

Also available from Integrated Engineering is Brad Penn SAE 30W Break-In Oil .

Don't pollute- Be sure to return used oil to your local collection center.

Single 1 quart bottle. Also available in cases.