BorgWarner EFR 6758 Turbo 500 HP

BorgWarner EFR 6758 Turbo 500 HP


Item #: BW-6758-64


efr turbo series


When a company as established and proven as BorgWarner sets out to re-invent the modern turbocharger as we know it, one has to expect great things. With their new EFR series of turbos, BorgWarner started from the ground up and set out to design a turbo that surpassed all others in performance and efficiency while maintaining a reasonable price range.

The EFR system starts with a turbine wheel manufactured from state of the art Gamma-Ti, a very light-weight, high performance material composed primarily of a mixture of titanium and aluminum. Ideal for construction of the turbine wheel and shaft, Gamma -Ti is extremely light weight and proven to perform under the most extreme heat. Eager to get this groundbreaking technology to as many enthusiasts as possible, BorgWarner produced their turbine wheels in a variety of sizes including: 58mm, 64mm, 70mm, 74mm and 80mm.

performance efficiency

The turbine housings included with the EFR series are no exception to BorgWarner's commitment to excellence. Investment cast from high quality stainless steel, these turbine housings are cast with thin walls to keep weight down while staying corrosion and crack resistant. Internal wastegate outfits are available in .64 A/R T25, .83 A/R T3 and .92 A/R T4 or an external wastegate is available with the 1.05 A/R T4 twinscroll. All use a 3" V-band outlet. The aerodynamic internal wastegate option with the EFR series ensures equal performance to that of an external wastegate without the added cost of an external unit. Boost control is made simple with the option of low, medium and high boost wastegate actuators.

On the cold side of the turbo, compressor wheels are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 62mm  to 91mm. These compressor wheels use Extended Tip Technology, BorgWarner's most proficient wheel design yet. They start out as a lightweight forging then machine finished from high strength, light weight aluminum. The blade structure incorporates cutting edge aerodynamics that produces exceptional results in efficiency, boost and surge limits. As if this isn't good enough, these compressor housings come with a built in blow off valve that diverts the compressed air from the outlet right to the low pressure inlet, making an external BOV unnecessary. Also standard on each compressor housing is a boost control solenoid valve, making boost control simple. Incorporated directly into the compressor housing, these solenoids utilize a two-pin Bosch style connector, making connection to your ECU hassle-free. A wheel speed sensor mounting pilot hole comes standard on every EFR compressor cover as well. If a speed sensor upgrade is necessary for your setup, a simple removal of the compressor cover and extension of the pilot hole to the required depth with a 1/4" hand drill bit is all that is required.

cutting edge dynamics

Finishing things off, BorgWarner uses high-quality ceramic ball bearings for improved turbo response. Dual row ceramic balls are housed in bearing cartridges and sealed with precision to cut back oil leakage and burning problems common in other turbos. All bearing housings have provisions for water cooling, which is recommended.

The 6758 turbo may be small, but packs a large punch. The 67mm compressor with a 53.9mm inducer has a amazing flow rate of 49lb/min. Supporting single turbo applications up to 490hp. As a twin turbo setup it can reach incredible numbers, ranging from 550-900hp.

-67mm Compressor Wheel
-58mm Turbine Wheel
-0.64 A/R T25 Undivided (internal wastegate)
-Built-in Blow off valve
-Built-in Oil restrictor
-Ideal for 300-490hp
-Ceramic ball bearing
-2.5" inlet, 2.0" outlet
-0.64 A/R Single Scroll