BMW M50/M52/S50US/S52US Calico Coated Race Main Bearing Set (full groove, single tang)


Item #: CAL-7M1539


These bearings are the real deal coated bearings. Not just spray painted OEM bearings, these start as premium ACL brand race bearings. These base bearing shells feature a hardened steel backing, with increased bearing crush for better bearing shell retetion (less likely to spin). They have increased ovality to compensate for rod distortion at high rpm levels, and are designed with a high strength overlay plate for maximum fatigue resistance. All of this is covered up with a professionally applied coating by Calico, giving a truely high performance bearing from the coating all the way to the outer shell. These really are the real deal!

Fits all M50/M52/S50US/S52US that have full oil grooves on the mains, and single tang on lower halves.

Standard clearance

This is for a complete set for all main journals