April 14th, local VAG owners from vwvortex.com were invited to a dyno day from our friends at Ziptie dynowerks in Salt Lake City, UT.   Ziptie Dynowerks is the home of a AWD Mustang Dynometer, that many VW owners came to refer to as "The Heartbreaker" during the event.  Ziptie told us their dyno results are consistently 75% of an engine's crank horsepower.  More than just a dyno, the shop is a large tuner for many import cars, and well known for competitive dyno days.  Ziptie recently moved to this new location on 5662 S. 300 W., Murray, Utah and invited the local enthusiasts from vwvortex for the very first dyno day at the new location.  It was a good turn out and a great way to spend a rainy Saturday.

The first car of the day was this Audi B5 S4, due to a faulty K04 turbo the car read low on power.

A nice line of cars showed up to run and watch, with more showing up hourly.

Each car received three pulls and a final printed specification sheet of the run.

How many people does it take to get a lowered MKI Jetta onto a Dyno?  Unfortunately, this little Jetta was unable to run the Dyno due to clearance issues.

This shelled out MKII 8V Turbo is a build in progress, and will soon be hitting the drag strips.

With every car reading below 300HP so far, the gents at Ziptie decided to put on a show.   This fire breathing Evo was strapped down for a 1/4th mile test, and put down a time of 12.3 seconds.

Not to be shown up, Integrated Engineering's own Peter Blais loaded up his modified Porsche 996 911 Turbo

The twin turbo Porsche was crowned king of the day with impressive numbers of 418AWHP and a incredible 495 FTLBS of Torque.

Big thanks to owners and crew of Ziptie Dynowerks for giving us a day on the rollers.  Videos of some pulls are listed below.

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