Project EA888.3: Red Baron GLI


Mission Statement

Take a 2013 Jetta GLI and develop it into a weekend warrior that is equally at home on the road course, on the street, or at a car show. During the course of this, MK5/6 bolt on improvements for suspension, braking, and cooling will be tested and new products developed. This car also features the new EA888.3 TSI engine, and we will be developing that engine up to moderate power levels including possibly a turbocharger upgrade.

Key Aspects:

  • Whenever practical, products used on this vehicle will become available to the VW/Audi aftermarket community
  • As many IE products as possible will be developed, however we must strategically pick which products we will pursue to make the most of our available development resources
  • Car needs to perform equally well on the street, highway, and race track
  • Needs to look good
  • Develop important products that people will care about and improve their driving/ownership experience


Running List Of Modifications

Integrated Engineering MK5/MK6 Camber Plates - IE Part Number: IESUUB1
KW Variant 3 Coilovers - IE Part Number: 35280068

Brakes, Wheels, & Tires
VMR V718 18X8.5 wheels
Toyo R888 DOT-R tires
Porterfield R4-S front brake pads - IE Part Number: AP1107R4S
Porterfield R4-S rear brake pads - IE Part Number: AP340R4S
ATE Blue racing brake fluid - IE Part Number: FLUIDS-BRAKE-ATEBLUE

Development Tracking

Track Day 1

Development Phase 1


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