Integrated Engineering IEIMVA1 Intake manifold dealer information page.

This page contains all the pre-release information and marketing materials for the upcoming Integrated Engineering IEIMVA1 transverse VW 1.8T Intake manifold. This innovative manifold is the only part which combines this level of flexibility, performance, and quality. Combining power gains of over 80bhp (on a 500 bhp engine) with the ability to install the throttle body on either side, this part is truely something to get excited about.

We have prepared a brief powerpoint presentation to provide training on the technical features and sales perspective of this new intake manifold. Please right click and "save as" on the link / image below to download this zip file. You must unzip everything to the same folder for the videos embedded in the powerpoint to work.


Right click, Save As to download a ZIP containing Powerpoint training materials



Here are some preliminary photographs you may also use to help promote the product during this pre-production period. We will supply you with final photographs when we start filling orders and enter the production phase of this project. Click on them for the full size images, or click HERE to download them all in zip format.


The new Integrated Engineering Modular 1.8T Transverse intake manifold.

The new Integrated Engineering Modular 1.8T Transverse intake manifold.

IE Transverse 1.8T Intake Manifold with optional billet vacuum manifold

The intake manifolds will be available for dealer and public PRE-ORDER starting Saturday, June 2nd. Feel free to hype the manifold from now until then, and start taking orders on June 2nd!! Special introductory pricing will include a discount of %5 from retail of $899.99, and that savings will be passed along to dealers as well.  Manifolds will start to ship approximately 4-6 weeks later.

Standard margins are as follows: dealer 20%, WD 25%. During the pre-order time period, margins are as follows: dealer 25%, WD 30%. Pre-order discounts will require payment in full when placing the order. Please contact us by phone or email at to place your order.



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