IE 2.0T FSI/TSI intake manifold "top plate" description.


As you may have noticed from all the photos and videos we have been posting of our new VW/Audi FSI/TSI 2.0T intake manifolds, there is a large metal plate placed over the top. We have been getting a lot of questions about what it is for. Our manifold uses specially designed runner lengths and velocity stacks that are a huge part of delivering the performance we wanted with this product. In order to properly cast the manifold with these features, we needed access to the internal area. We could have made design revisions to remove the velocity stacks and it would have made the manifold easier and cheaper to produce, however that would have also removed a fair amount of performance. The production pieces will use a CNC aluminum machined and anodized cover plate that will allow us to also offer them in a few different color options for a bit of pop in your engine bay and produce a very excellent looking piece.  The photo shown is our billet plates being produced in our CNC facility.


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