6000 mile testimonial: Integrated Engineering VW MK5/MK6 Audi TT/A3 adjustable camber plates


Rod K. 6000 mile update: Integrated Engineering VW MK5/MK6 Audi TT/A3 adjustable camber plates

Rod Kujaczynski, a local NASA Utah instructor and owner of a 2010 Volkswagen Mk 6 DSG GTI has been driving and racing on a set of Integrated Engineering adjustable camber plates for over 6000 miles now.  He has just submitted another review after driving on them for an extend period, this is what he has to say.

Dear Integrated Engineering,

It’s been over 6,000 miles since the IE camber plates for VW MK5/6 have been installed on my 2010 VW GTI MK6. To put it simply: the performance of this product has been outstanding.

After the installation of the plates and finished alignment, the car went immediately to the track to test the setup. The old set of Ground Control plates were pulled out then along with the IE plates went in a set of H&R sport springs, so the entire setup had to be reworked. After a tweak or two and a minor sway bar adjustment I felt the car was set. We settled on a 2.9 degrees of negative camber on front right and a 2.8 degrees of negative camber on driver left. With the IE plates we could have easily gone as much as 3.3 degrees of negative camber but the latter sufficed for the next N.A.S.A time attack event coming the following week.

For the final event of the year I put the car in the TTC class, as this has always been a fast car on the Miller Motorsports Park 3.0 mile outer loop configuration. I know how the car runs and what times we have as a benchmark. It was the last day of the season so we arrived at track with 34 degree air temps. Every car that ran first session including mine fought for tire temp and grip, everyone was 4 to 5 seconds off mid-summer session times. I ran a slippery 2:19.2. A tire pressure adjustment was in order and I sat out on the 2nd session hoping the track would warm up a bit. The 3rd practice came and netted a qualifying lap of 2:17.3, requiring another tweak on hot tire pressures and it was ready for the final session. Track was still cold with a 55 degree high temp for the day, with grip being an issue for everyone that came out. The fast lap for my GTI was the 6th out of 8 laps for a 2:16.1. This was a great time with the IE plates installed- the more aggressive setup yielded results! In the TTC class my GTI took the win with 2.7 seconds over second place. I’m confident that next season I’ll be able to further improve my lap times!

Now for the 6,000 mile review since the plates were installed. The plates are simply amazing! We have some of the worst roads in the country here in Salt Lake City due to harsh winters. I have run the car as a test with the same settings. We have deep potholes, frost heaving, manhole covers, and bad bridge-to-highway transitions, which can hit you hard. Despite all that, the plates have not migrated at all! Rock solid, no alignment drift, same camber setting, no rattling, no binding, and no clunking, just solid and quiet! I can easily say without reservations these are the best plates for a VW GTI MK5 & MK6 on the market. If you commit the dollars you will never regret it.

Until next time,

Rod Kujaczynski

RaceCo Driver, Instructor for RaceCo events, PCA of Utah, N.A.S.A HPDE, Lapping days


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  • Geoff Matthews July 6, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    Thoughts on installing on a mk4? about to drill the strut mount for a stress bar anyways. why not to accommodate the mk5/6 strut top mount.


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