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CNC Ported Cylinder Head Development

Integrated Engineering Race Engines has developed an ever expanding line of CNC ported cylinder heads. Featuring ports developed by a 30 year porting veteran who has worked for NASCAR, performed development work for new OE models, and worked with a vast array of aftermarket projects. These ports typically increase flow by 20-40% depending on the application, check individual products for details.

There are practically endless variables which must be optimized to truly get the most out of a performance cylinder head. Performing this level of development unfortunately requires a level of time and experience that is usually out of reach to enthusiast level customers. However, the CNC porting technique means that we can spread those costs across numerous cylinder heads, opening the door up to a much higher level of development. Each port is the product of hundreds of flow bench pulls. Variables such as port shape, valve guide length and shape, valve shape, valve job angles, and many more are all checked and rechecked until a thorough understanding is achieved of what that specific engine wants. That level of understanding is what provides the extreme performance you can come to expect from Integrated Engineering Race Engines cylinder heads.