High Performance Race Engine

Ensure the success of your race or street VW/Audi project by putting an Integrated Engineering Race Engine at its heart. Our facility features a modern test cell complete with a Superflow 901S engine dynamometer that allows us to break in and thoroughly test each engine before shipping to the customer. This test facility has allowed us to gather a wealth of knowledge that we can use to guide you in selecting the exact right combination of parts for your specific project. All of these high performance components are assembled and measured by our ASE certified technicians, marking each bolt as it is torqued. All critical clearances are verified and recorded on a build sheet. After break in, the engines are leaked down, the oil filter contents inspected, and a complete documentation of the build is created which ships with the engine. The result of all of this work is an engine which is delivered on time, performs as required, and provides great power output for a long lifespan with no issues.

Once the break-in and testing procedure has been completed, each race engine is carefully inspected, leak down test performed, and oil filter cut open to check for any debris. Once they pass our strict quality control process, they are securely mounted in custom wooden crates and shipped directly to your door. We can build any VW/Audi application to any specifications required; contact us for a quote today!