MK6 2.0T TSI Performance Rod Install Kit

MK6 2.0T TSI Performance Rod Install Kit




To make the installation of your new Integrated Engineering connecting rod set a simple task, we have put together these performance rod install kits. These kits include all necessary OEM components needed for the removal and installation of the connecting rods, along with a set of Mahle Motorsport rod bearings and ARP head studs.

Mahle Motorsport rod bearings
Manufactured with the same technology that has been used in Formula 1 racing for years, these tri-metal bearings offer better wear characteristics than others on the market, taking abuse from high horsepower and rpm for longer periods of time. The Mahle Motorsport rod bearings are the highest quality bearings available, which is we use these bearings in all of our race engine builds.


ARP head stud kit
To keep your head securely clamped down to the block and to eliminate any chance of head gasket failure, we include a set of high strength ARP head studs. These studs replace the factory head bolts, which are one-time use only. The ARP head studs can be reused if the cylinder head needs to be removed from the engine.


OEM bolts and seals
Our kit comes complete with all OEM bolts, gaskets, seals, and sealant that are needed for the installation of IE connecting rods. We also include a replacement OEM timing cover and oil pan, which are both one-time use. A tube of assembly lube is included, which aids in proper break in of engine bearings.


Included With Kit
Mahle Motorsport/VanderVell Race Rod Bearings (Complete set)
ARP Head Stud Kit for 2.0T FSI Engines (Complete set)
Liqui Moly LM 48 Assembly Lubricant (50 grams)
Elring Dirko HT Sealant (1)
N 906 650 01 - OE Flywheel Bolts (8)
058 198 598 C - OE Oil Pan Sensor Cover Kit with Nuts and O Ring (1)
06H 103 483 CCRP Timing Cover Gasket (1)
06H 103 483 DOE Victor Reinz Cam Tensioner Gasket (1)
06J 103 600 EOE HZG Lower Oil Pan (1)
06H 103 171 FVictor Reinz Rear Main Seal  (1)
06H 109 210 AGOEM Lower Timing Cover (1)
WHT 001 760OEM Crank Bolt (1)
06H 121 131 COEM Water Pump Union (With Seals) (1)
N 105 540 05OEM Cam Cover Screw (22)
06B 103 113 COE CRP Head End Plug (1)
D 154 103 A1OE Elring Anaerobic Sealant for Cam Cover (1)
06J 115 441 AVictor Reinz Oil Filter Housing Gasket (1)
06H 103 121 JOE Victor Reinz High Pressure Fuel Pump Gasket (1)
06J 121 119OEM Water Pump Seal (1)