1.8T Basic Rod Install Kit Early 058


Item #: OEM-18T-RIK3


Integrated Engineering is proud to offer install kits to complement our drop-in connecting rod sets. These kits will help remove any question of what hardware and gaskets are needed for the DIY rod install. This is a basic rod install kit for 058 1.8T engines. This kit includes the basic components that will need to be replaced when installing drop-in connecting rods in your engine. We have even included a high quality synthetic assembly lube. Save 10.00 with this kit versus buying the components individually.

The basic rod install kit for 058 1.8T engines includes:
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1- OE rod bearing set 
1- Redline synthetic assembly lubricant 
1- OE head gasket 
1- OE head bolt set 
1- Oil pan sealant

This kit is to be used with Integrated Engineering IERV-14419 or IERV-14420 rods in 058 engines only. Buy together and save!