.063 inch Oil Restrictor

.063 inch Oil Restrictor


Item #: HW-FIT-060RIST


This product will save your T series turbo from quickly blowing its oil seals. T series turbochargers need a maximum of about 30psi of oil pressure to function properly, exceed this, and eventually you will have problems with the shaft oil seals. This is main reason for the majority of T series rebuilds. These oil restrictors feature a .063 orifice for the best compromise between keeping the oil seals intact, and ensuring proper lubrication.

The really cool part about these restrictors is that, unlike the ones offered many other places, these are not solid, they swivel in the middle. This means they can be quickly installed in many cases without having to loosen the filter housing end of the oil line, making these a quick and painless install. They are made of high quality zinc plated steel, not brass like others you might see. They are 1/8 NPT male and female ends which fit most T series turbochargers. 

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